What a bother – Trend Micro and Office SP1

I installed Office SP1 early on in the week and things were running rather smoothly. That was of course until i wanted to run Outlook 2007.

I’m connected to an Exchange server via Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) and for some reason it wouldn’t connect any longer.

I tried all manner of things and was getting just a little bit frustrated.

Then tonight i wanted to try just one more time before rolling back – and lo and behold, it connected.

I couldn’t initially see what the problem was as the system was running pretty much what it’d been running all week long yet somehow it was working tonight.

I then spoke briefly with Bill McCarthy – VB Guru and fellow MVP and he said “it’s not something simple as the firewall blocking the new Dlls is it?”..i then noticed that Trend wasn’t running and thought i’d start it up.

And what happened? well i got disconnected from the Exchange server straight away…i turned off Trend and voila, it would connect…turned Trend on again…whoops, connection gone again.

I checked the firewall and Outlook is indeed allowed out – yet the damn thing wont let me connect to the Exchange server.


So, as of tonight, i’m adding Trend Micro to my ever growing list of banned software…Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2008 is about as subtle as an elephant walking on eggs and i’ve had enough.

Guess it’s about time to find another Anti-virus/firewall..in the meantime, i’ll just tighten up the firewall on my router till i’ve found another solution.

Enough is enough….