Ironic –

I simply love it when i see this particular type of irony (hypocrisy?) and i feel i should blog this story.

This afternoon i went to Bunnings to get a new BBQ and as the store is only 5-10mins drive away i rarely get to see anything of this caliber.

For those that isn’t familiar with my neighbourhood, i’ll try to keep the story as straight as possible.

Now, on my way home, car loaded up with 40kg+ of BBQ to assemble i took Warton Road home – in Perth, the suburbian speed limit is 50kph but in some zones it’s set to 60kph. Anyways, i 99.9999% of the time keep strictly to the speed limit, can nick over 1-3kph if i get distracted, (wasted money IMHO to get a speeding ticket) and since on this trip i was feeling particularly good about myself, i crept up to 60kph (as the limit on Warton Road is) and hit cruise control.

Naturally i get this senseless driver behind me that obviously feel i should be breaking the law on their account, which he/she thought should be demonstrated by tail-gating me (eg. driving very, very close to me). Warton Road spreads out to two lanes at one stage (just around or after TAFE) and the ignorant driver behind me decided to overtake, pushing their speed to well past 70kph. I shake my head, thinking the fool will get pulled over soon enough and get smacked with the double demerit point that’s on over the Christmas holidays.

Here’s the ironic part though – the person (in a gray/silver korean model car) had a big purple sticker at the top of their rear window which read : LEARN TO DRIVE – WWW.DRIVEACAR.COM.AU

The moron had just broken two laws – the tail-gating and the speeding – and are advertising a site which apparently will teach you to drive. I was gob-smacked to say the’s the equivalent of me getting an Apple logo tattoo…

I snuck over to take a look at “driveAcar” and what’d you know..the opening line on the home page is “Do you want to learn to drive a car, do you want to pass your Driving Test at the first attempt, do you want to save time and money on driving lessons, and do you want to manage your car more proficiently; if so then we’ve designed a training manual for YOU!

There’s two scenarios here – which is:

1) the person with the sticker is a friend/family member of the company owner; or the person is a success story from the pool of customers they’ve had;

2) the person with the sticker works/owns the company and is doing what he/she feels is the best way to advertise the company’s services;

Regardless, seeing the stupidity (or capability) of this vehicle’s driver i’m more or less never going to set foot there nor use their services…

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  1. January 15, 2008 at 22:15

    I’ve got to confess to having a couple of speeding tickets to my name…

    …but that is hilarious! Lulz!

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