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January 7th 2008 in 2552, 2558, 6317, 6520

Major kudos to Michale Minutillo for getting version 0.3 out of Crank.

So what is Crank? First of all, it’s an open source project Michael started a couple of months ago. Michael published it first on and i’m curious to see how that develops.

Secondly, here’s what Michael has to say about Crank:

Prepare to “Crank up” development on your next project with Crank. This tool uses a DSL called CAL to build an in-memory representation of a data model and then generates the SQL (compatible with SQL 2005 currently) to create that model in the database. The language is fully described and I already have some ideas for future feature (and where some of the bugs lie). The code is still a bit of a mess but please download the executable and have a play. I’d love to hear anyones feedback if they think it’s a good(/bad) idea or if they have any ideas for features etc.

Crank has a codeplex site at

Cheers and Get Crankin’

- OS Project: Crank
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“ – OS Project: Crank”

Mike Minutillo

Cheers for that Brian. I’m still laughing over a post written about me being tagged “Cool Guys” :)

Like most OS projects the documentation sucks so I’m writing a couple of blog posts about how it all works. The first one is out already and is available here:

Brian Madsen

Hey Mike…

bah..don’t pay to be too modest around here :)

besides, any bloke that gets time to setup an open source project as cool as Crank just has to be included in that list ;)

good job mate!


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