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Outlook is back in the fold again..Windows Live Mail is out

August 23rd 2008 in 8499

After having used Windows Live Mail (for my live mail account..derr) for a while it started getting a little bit annoying and i’ve now swapped back to Outlook.

But, since i lost my domain (because BankWest decided to put a block on my attempts to pay GoDaddy…yeah, GoDaddy payments must be fraudulent…who’d ever heard of them?) i haven’t used Outlook and swapped most of my email registrations back to my live account.

but, how was i going to get my Live mail (aka. Hotmail) from Outlook? Easy, quick search on MSFT gave me Microsoft Office Outlook Connector..created exactly for that purpose.

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector:

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1 Beta:

And who said the Office developer guys weren’t smart cookies?


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