SharePoint training in Perth – Professional MOSS 2007 Solutions by Readify

Wow – finally some SharePoint training in Perth, WA that steps up and presents something other than the typical “Boot Camp”.

It’s a four (4) day, intensive training program which you’d be nuts to miss out on.

Here’s an outline of what’s on offer for those four days:

    Day 1

    SharePoint 2007 Developer Roadmap

    • Architectural overview of SharePoint and the Office 2007 system

    • WSS as a collaboration solution

    • WSS as a server-side development platform

    • Overview of MOSS components and services

    • Creating and testing your first WSS feature

        SharePoint Architecture

        • WSS Integration with ASP.NET 2.0

        • The configuration database and content databases

        • Configuring the web.config file for a Web application

        • Understanding site pages versus application pages

            Pages and Site Branding

            • Understanding page parsing and Safe Mode restrictions

            • Creating a feature with custom page templates

            • Designing page templates using controls and Web Part Zones

            • Understanding the standard default.master page template

            • Creating a feature to apply branding at the site collection level

            • Understanding and extending the CSS classes in core.css

                Day 2

                Developing Web Parts

                • Creating, deploying and debugging ASP.NET Web Parts in WSS

                • Designing Web Parts with persistent properties

                • Web Part Description files and the Web Part Gallery

                • Creating a feature to import Web Parts into the Web Part Gallery

                • Backwards compatibility with WSS V2-style Web Parts

                    Lists and Content Types

                    • New WSS 3.0 enhancements to lists and document libraries

                    • Defining site columns, custom field types and content types

                    • Provisioning document libraries using a feature

                    • Defining a custom list type using a feature

                    • Creating event handlers using custom event receiver classes

                        Forms Services with InfoPath 2007

                        • Creating input forms with InfoPath

                        • InfoPath integration with WSS forms libraries

                        • Forms Services Architecture

                        • Designing server-side forms with InfoPath 2007

                        • User deployment of server-side forms versus administrator deployment

                            Day 3

                            SharePoint WorkFlows

                            • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Primer Creating WF programs in Visual Studio with the workflow designer

                            • Creating, deploying and debugging workflow templates for WSS

                            • Creating workflow associations and workflow instances

                            • Developing workflows which create and wait on WSS tasks

                            • Creating workflow input forms for MOSS using Microsoft InfoPath

                                Extending MOSS Portal and Search

                                • Shared Service Provider (SSP) Architecture Creating sites from the MOSS Collaboration Portal site template

                                • User Profiles and Audience Targeting

                                • MOSS infrastructure for creating MySites Configuring and extending MOSS Search

                                    The Business Data Catalog (BDC)

                                    • Working with BDC Application Definition Files Application, Entities, Methods and Associations

                                    • Surfacing backend data using BDC Web Parts BDC integration with MOSS search

                                    • Creating custom Web Parts that execute BDC queries

                                        Day 4

                                        Web Content Management

                                        • Customising sites creating from the MOSS Publishing Site template

                                        • Creating content types and custom page layouts for Web content

                                        • Understanding the MOSS content approval process

                                        • Converting Office documents into Web-ready formats

                                        • Optimizing performance with MOSS caching features

                                            Excel Services and Report Center

                                            • Introduction to Excel Services

                                            • Publishing Excel spreadsheets that render in the browser

                                            • Trusted locations, connections and user-defined functions (UDFs)

                                            • Creating Dashboard pages with Report Center Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and filters

                                            • MOSS integration with SQL Reporting Services and SQL Analysis Services

                                                WSS/MOSS Security

                                                • Trust Levels, Web Parts and Code Access Security (CAS)

                                                • Windows Authentication versus Forms Authentication

                                                • WSS Identities and Security Contexts

                                                • Escalation of Privilege

                                                • Delegating User Credentials

                                                • Using the MOSS single sign On (SSO) Service

                                                For more information on this fantastic offer, go here:

                                                To register (be quick, i’m positive this will sell out fast), click here:!.aspx?ctl=RBS%20Registration&mid=1467&CourseID=29&Type=NormalReg

                                                These types of training sessions does not come along often enough – maybe we’ll see more coming out from Readify?

                                                Thanks to Andy Lamb for informing us about it!