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Dell support #1 so far

September 17th 2008 in 6443

Damn – i have to say this..and say it loud too..DAMN!!

Called Dell support (finally got through, yay) and after some extensive tests the operator advised me that a technician would be dispatched to replace some parts in the laptop (wonder what will be replaced) for Friday.

Not quite next business day support, but beats the hell out of the support i’ve gotten from Austin Computers. So mock Dell all you like guys, a technician superhero is inbound to fix my laptop!! w00t w00t!

Now i just need to cross my fingers that the correct parts gets replaced and the issue is dealt with/fixed!

Kudos to Dell for owning up to their support/warranty!


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today i checked with Dell regarding warranty for my laptop which had some issues yesterday and i’m still covered for yet another 175 days on XPS premium support and next day parts and service from Dell. So, now i’ve sent a support request and hopefully they’ll get back to me asap so i can get […]

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Well, wasting rent here – Dell seems to be good at making promises, but can’t seem to get their act together for the follow-up. Edit: I called this morning at 8am to confirm that the technician was going to show up and was told that my parts would be arriving at 9am, ready for the […]

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