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My laptop is luckily still under warranty..phew

September 17th 2008 in 6443

today i checked with Dell regarding warranty for my laptop which had some issues yesterday and i’m still covered for yet another 175 days on XPS premium support and next day parts and service from Dell.

So, now i’ve sent a support request and hopefully they’ll get back to me asap so i can get it resolved.

But, fearing that the M1710 is no longer in production i’m curious as to how it’s going to be fixed. Hopefully they’ll still have parts for it but what exactly are they going to swap out when the entire system overheats??

It’s now a waiting game i guess…but next day parts day support should be a good help. I guess i’ll now see how great Dells support is (hope it’s better than Austin Computer’s warranty policies).

Wish me luck!!


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