Dell services going down hill…

Well, wasting rent here – Dell seems to be good at making promises, but can’t seem to get their act together for the follow-up.

Edit: I called this morning at 8am to confirm that the technician was going to show up and was told that my parts would be arriving at 9am, ready for the technician to pick them up, where i’d then be getting a phone call from him/her to arrange a time..

Was told 2hrs ago, after i still haven’t heard from the technician who was meant to fix my laptop today, that i’d be getting a call from their office as the support staff couldn’t help me out.

2hrs later I decided to give them a call back and what happens – well, apparently, unbeknownst to anybody there, they ended getting more support calls today than expected and therefore couldn’t return my call as promised.

Point 1: am now pissed off with Dell for not being able to keep me informed when they know i’m sitting here at home, waiting for their technician to give me a call to schedule the parts being replaced.

Point 2: the support team had no clue what i was talking about re: giving me a call back as there was nothing in their logs to indicate they had to contact me.

So, am now severely annoyed with them – get fopped off with a “We’ll have a technician call you within 1hr” reply, which I stupidly decided to trust.

I’m meant to have Next Business Day Support 24/7 – arguably the fact that i’ve spoken to support could be deemed as having given me support within the required timeframe.

I bought this premium (Dell XPS M1710) laptop so things like this wouldn’t happen..shouldn’t happen and what do i get..substandard service.

So the saga continues – what was originally a VERY impressive start seems to have driveled down into a useless service.

Next point is that i now have to wait, till no later than 8pm, to get confirmation of when the technician will be coming. That’s a full day of waste. Complete and utter waste.

The guy i spoke to “assured” me that i would definitely get this fixed tomorrow..i confirmed on three occasions if he was 100% absolutely certain of that and he said “yes”. I then put this into perspective to him..

1) he can’t give me a time – or even part of the day (morning/afternoon) – of when the technician will be coming tomorrow.

2) he doesn’t know how many technicians they’ll have on board tomorrow here in Perth, but know some will be working saturdays to get this influx of service issues fixed.

How was he able to absolutely, 100%, guarantee that a technician would be coming around? Logically at this point he couldn’t. So, i’m now (after raising absolute hell) noted as a “priority” call so it’ll be attended to.

Am definitely not impressed…But i have the 100%, guaranteed assurances of the supervisor no less, that this will be dealt with. I guess time will tell.

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