DELL XPS M1710 Laptop saga continues…

Finally got a Dell technician out today (Saturday) after being fopped off all day yesterday with promises and white lies.

The technician arrived within the scheduled period as promised and started having a look at the laptop to diagnose what the problem was. Removing the keyboard to have access to the heat sink on the graphics card was the first step – he booted it up and after a few minutes it was basically too hot even to touch.

He then checked the fans as he couldn’t understand why it was running that hot. My cpu fan wasn’t running at all – great, how much damage has my cpu been taken and how much of its lifespan has been cut off because it’s been running too hot?

At first he was surprised that the package of parts didn’t contain a graphics card seeing as that would apparently have been obvious choice to replace considering where i reported the heat were coming from. Top right hand side of the keyboard. Yeps, directly below there sits the graphics card. Both fans are at the very edge of the case.

Naturally replacing the graphics card would have been more expensive for Dell so i can see where the cost saving exercise comes into play. Fair call.

The technician then started to pull the entire laptop apart as he had to replace the motherboard – the cpu fan controller sits on the motherboard and that wasn’t working at all.

At the moment i’m extremely frustrated with Dell – cannot possibly be that a laptop, less than 1 year old and at this level, is falling apart. I mean, the XPS M1710 was the top of their line and the price tag was accordingly high.

Dell’s new flagship, the M1730 would have been a serious contender to replacing this one, but at the moment i’m so disappointed with Dell that I’m starting to doubt i’ll ever recommend them again.

Luckily i’m still covered by warranty and i’m going to be damn sure that I get every single faulty part replaced…

So, onto new and shinier things – what options are available out there today that could possibly match the “supposed” performance of the XPS range?

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  1. A happy dell owner
    September 20, 2008 at 22:23

    Have some prejudice against Dell much? 🙂

    Other laptop manufacturers commonly taken 3-5 weeks to do a warranty job. “almost next day” support on a weekend is awesome if you ask me. Yes, you’ve pay a few hundred $ for good service, but I would imagine that the repairs you’ve made recently have more than made up for it. No data loss, no out of pocket expenses, 2 day waiting period. Find me another warranty system that’s just as good.

    As for manufacturing faults, this article has opened my eyes on how difficult it is to manufacture consumer electronics in today’s world:

  2. Charles M1710 Owner
    September 21, 2008 at 10:25

    My video card died just after my warranty. Very common but there has not been a recall or warranty extension. I would rather be torn apart by a pack of wolves before I would buy another Dell or Alienware product.

  3. September 21, 2008 at 23:11

    Hi Charles,

    fully understand that sentiment – I actually had to wait till sunday to call Dell back to get them to sort out a replacement graphics card as i was extremely angry on saturday.

    The technician told me that he didn’t understand why they thought it’d be fans and heatsink only seeing as the graphics card is RIGHT BELOW where i said the heat was coming from. Not near the fans at all (which is further to the right and left of the keyboard).

    called them back on sunday (as i would have been too unreasonable to talk to saturday) and they’re organising having a technician come out either today or tomorrow evening.

    All i can say is – it seems like i’m going to have to replace almost every single part in this laptop before the warranty runs out if i want it to survive.

    hmmm…shame, because they’re fairly good on performance – just seems like quality is dropping a lot these days. Heard lots of horror stories from other Dell laptop owners and it’s looking bad for them.

  4. September 23, 2008 at 17:47

    “a happy dell owner”,

    first off, if you’re so proud why don’t you put your name to your comment, rather than use an anonymous alias?

    so lets see…where did you get a few houndred $$ from? this laptop cost me close to $6000 (AUD) when i bought it and with it came a range of warranty and service options. I choose the ones which I, at that stage, assumed would be considered enough for a laptop of this supposed quality.

    Dell has yet to acknowledge publicly that there is problems with that model but each technician i’ve had out has pretty much said flat out that there’s been huge problems with it. And funny enough, all the problems i’ve had has been very common.

    Lets then take a look at what they’re offering – Next Business Day service…that’s by THEIR choice, not mine, and they’ve chosen to put service level onto these laptops + supposed priority support. Now, according to australian law, they are now bound by those laws to provide the service they are offering – not throw excuses out there like “oh, it’s soooo hard to produce hardware these days”.

    What they’ve failed at is not the service in itself, but managing customer expectations – i expected Next Business Day service because that’s what my service level included and what they are offering. they failed on all accounts with that.

    And of course i’m prejudiced now – you base your opinions (mostly) on your experiences and would you say that my experience has been a smooth one? Would you say that i’ve gotten the service level which i am entitled to, according to my warranty and the product i purchased?

    Regarding a 2 day waiting, this is 6 days..definitely NOT anywhere near the 2 days you mention.

    As with any business there’s bound to be disgruntled customers along the way – that’s simply human nature and logistically it’s shown that you cannot please everybody. But look at the responses i’ve gotten to the last 4 posts. My first one where i post that it’s overheating has a total of 12 comments, all from me and people that have had the excact same problem. Plus, read through Dell’s community forums and you’ll see a huge number of disgruntled customers for this particular laptop.

    Also, i don’t expect a system, at this supposed quality (that comes with a hefty price tag) to fail this often within the first year. Had this been a single instance then it could be accounted to either me doing something wrong, or simply a mistake, but it isn’t a single instance. there’s a flaw in the whole design of the graphics card which was explained to me by both technicians that came out.

    I don’t expect a faulty product…i wont accept a faulty product and i shouldn’t be doing either..simple as that!

  5. Denis Forcier
    December 7, 2008 at 00:11

    My turn going into M1710 saga…
    BSOD… was the error message… With very beautifull ”kaleidoscope look alike” design, even while Dell logo boot up. After a quick diagnostic boot test with Dell at phone, ”Error 0334” was the message… ” , They tell me to shipping my M1710 for a (7950GTX)graphic card replacement… Phew… still on waranty..!!
    They decide to replace the whole laptop by a new M1730 with SLI 8800M GTX… So I really hope that card will stay healty for a while…
    In take only a 5 minutes phone call to Dell to have them agreed with waranty… like if they potentiely know it’s ”normal” for my XPS to die… after one year?!?!? They pretend the GE card was back-order… But maybe they don’t want me to call them back for the same problem since I got another 18 month waranty balance…All theses let me perplex… while I’m waiting to receive a M1730 as ”contender”…
    …May the GE-FORCE be with you…

  6. Joe
    December 19, 2008 at 06:14

    Very similar expirience for me.

    XPS 1710 with 7950 GTX, GFX died after about year, and with 3y NBD& 3Y Accidental Dmg first replacement of GFX took 2 weeks. I brought home notebook, run WoW and screen fell apart within 20 mins of playing.

    So again call Dell, they replaced GFX and MoBo within week.

    After 3 months same issue again, Issue reported 1.12. and still I dont have anything replaced (19.12.) and with Xmas behind doors its not going to be replaced till January. Honestly it is rather annoying with extra paid NBD and wait for replacement over month.

  7. Markus
    December 19, 2008 at 16:32

    I have a Dell MPS 1710. And the graphic card died this morning. After an hour on the phone with Dell and a quite knowledgeable tech that after a while stated that they don’t manufacturer the M1710 anymore and that the replacement video card (I can’t remember what I have just that I paid a lot to get the back then high end 512MB Nvidia version) is back ordered to late February.

    So in short; after some discussion around the lead time he stated that the complete computer will be replaced for an MPS 1730 (I have about two years warranty left). Happy days. Done deal.

    This is where the problems started.
    I bought this computer in Europe. You think that a company with worldwide sales, manufacturing on several continents and support sites ranging around the world would have a worldwide warranty. But no. Dell US cannot even recognize the service tag all of a sudden on my computer. After having been connected to different customer care representatives seven (7) times with numerous re-calls it was clear that I need to talk to Dell Europe. Maybe also make an ownership transfer from the European me to the American me. Fine I thought until I learned that it takes two weeks to process an ownership transfer and that no US warranty replacement can happen until done.

    To humor any non American reader; The reason I bought the computer in Europe was that I wanted a Swedish keyboard; So I paid a lot extra given the $/sKr back then. But… Here is the funny part.. The American customer rep I spoke to about the replacement was adamant about the fact that Dell never manufactured a computer with a Swedish keyboard. It felt a little bit surreal to hear that while looking at my very Swedish keyboard on my very dead computer.

    On Monday I will call Dell Europe. Maybe it will be faster to ship the old computer to Europe. Give a dummy address in Europe for the replacement computer and then have a friend ship the replacement to me in the US. Expensive shipments but maybe I’ll get a replacement computer with a Swedish keyboard.

    Other, the MPS 1710 is my seventh Dell laptop. It’s the first that has broken down without me abusing it (I did manage to drive over one and it broke but I feel that I can’t blame Dell for that). Is the XPS a poor construction? I really liked the handling of the MPS. I cad a lot and it runs mechanical cad as well as electrical perfect. And the screen is the best I know about. Well, while it worked at least.. I don’t think I’m ready to give up on Dell. But that decision will obviously be impacted on how Dell will handle this situation.

  8. James Gregson
    December 24, 2008 at 03:46

    heres not a lot to add to this mine failed after i year [ie vid card]20 days later new card fitter next day it shut down telling meit was over heating and gave error code m1004 i am told an engineer will call and fit an”up graded heat sink”will it fix it we will see?

  9. Sean
    January 6, 2009 at 18:23

    LOL!! I love this site. I spent $4000 on an XPS and the video card died after one year… right after the warranty expired. I play WOW too, and I play in my macbook pro, flawlessly, for half the price. “F” Dell, their product sucks! I had software issues from day one. Right out of the box I got pop ups that stated it needed to extract software for certain programs to work (programs installed at the factory) and asking to insert the needed disk. After doing this I would get the same pop up, but for another program. It ended up going to the CD burner program. Turns out the CD burner software wasn’t compatible with the Windows OS. I called Dell to fix the problem, only to have them tell me that they wouldn’t help me because I didn’t buy their software warranty. Dell ended up helping me when I explained that I don’t get to pick what software ‘THEY’ decide to use, and that their R & D dept should be checking for compatibility issues before marketing the product. Being that I don’t get a say in what software is used, I should not be required to buy a warranty to get help. After remotely accessing my laptop and disabling some things, all seemed well. Well, everything was OK until I tried to burn a CD. NO GO! In the end I either had to disable my burner program or put up with the pop up asking to upload drivers EVERY time I boot up. Dell sucks, their service sucks and their product sucks. Owned 3 Dells and each one sucked, NEVER again.

  10. Mike
    January 28, 2009 at 10:39

    Folks…this is pretty alarming. My M1710 7950GTX died last week as well. It’s outside of warranty by 4 months. I’ve surfed the web looking for the Dell nVIDIA 7950 GTX card only to find out that nobody makes it anymore. I’d be real interested in what dell says the replacement card is. Oh…and they do have great service support…they want to charge me $99 to talk to me on the phone about the problem. Heck…I figured it out myself…just help me get the card Dell. I’d hate to think that my $3900 purchase was only good for about 1.33 years!

  11. John
    January 29, 2009 at 03:06

    He is another guy with a Dell XPS1710 that has just died because of a faulty graphics card. I have called Dell to buy a replacement card, but they tell me they can only sell it to me if I paid for their technician to install it!!! WTF? My 1710 is out of warrenty and I just want a replacement card, but I buy it without having to pay big money for a technician also. I have owned quite a few Dell’s in my life time and to be honest my of them have broken down, either because of the graphics cards or the harddisks failing. I am never buying Dell again, its way to expensive and they do not last, I am soo dissapointed 🙁

  12. POS
    February 11, 2009 at 19:52

    My video card died yesterday it is out of warranty and is only 1.5 years old !!
    and do you think I could get a replacement card NO !!!!!!!
    So as it stands I have a $4ooo paper weight !

  13. Chris
    February 13, 2009 at 00:20

    well just to add to the depressing comments..

    my M1710 died 2 days ago. Basically the continually high temperatures made my system more unstable. I would treat it like a gaming system and play high end games on it (my mistake). I would occasionalyl get BSOD errors in games – i should have planned then for the worst 🙁

    lots of screen corruption on startup – desktop fails to load – now it will only load in safe mode. ( so i can technically still use this laptop to browse the web)

    dell out of warranty support diagnose new graphics card needed, fan assembly = price is £376 inc vat and labour to install them.

    Hrmm i wont need a new motherboard then?

    Do you think i should do this or just buy a desktop gaming system?

  14. BrianMadsen
    February 13, 2009 at 03:01

    My graphics card started “mis-behaving” about two weeks ago – again and i ended up having two overheating crashes.

    since then i’ve had several cases of artefacts appearing in the middle of games, some applications (like Zune player for instance) as well as it’s suddenly impossible for it to get above 60fps – that’s after i installed the latest driver from NVidia that was released specifically for the Go series and those card delivered by Dell..

    Contacted customer service (i never go straight to technical support any longer) to let them know it was happening again – today i got a call from a technician who is going to come out on monday (between 8am-12am) to replace my fans and my graphics card – again.

  15. BrianMadsen
    February 13, 2009 at 03:04


    to be honest – i’d buy another system. historically speaking it’s been proven that this system is flawed – seriously flawed.

    if you don’t have extended warranty you’re literally screwed.

    if you’re not convinced – read through this other blog post of mine:

    7000 views, most from Google and 118 comments so far..

    unless i see a serious performance and stability improvement on Dell systems i doubt very much that i’d consider purchasing one again.

  16. Jim
    March 3, 2009 at 20:00

    YUP, My M1710 video card burned out last week, shouldn’t this be a recall issue?

  17. March 4, 2009 at 23:26

    My M1710 died 30 days after the warranty ran out. I had called several times asking that it be fixed. It wasn’t and know it’s dead. To expensive to fix.

  18. Greg
    March 10, 2009 at 13:31

    The M1710 was my first and last DELL purchase. It lasted me 2 years before my video card fried. Worst thing is i don’t even play games on it!!! I just wanted a large screen to watch movies on. Anyways, i had the same stories about DELL support as everyone else so i won’t elaborate.

    I’m just curious, is there a law suit against DELL on this?

  19. Donald
    March 14, 2009 at 04:19

    14 Mar 09, started up my XPS, a normal evening ordeal. Walked away for 30 minutes, and upon my return the screen was frozen. It is 1 year 10 months old, out of warranty, and offers safe mode only. I’m deployed, so you KNOW I’m screwed 🙁

  20. POS
    March 14, 2009 at 22:30

    Well I did not send mine in it was out of warranty so I figured what the heck I scored a video card on flea bay changed it out my self ..I have never had a computer apart and it only took 30 minutes to change,you really cant miss there are not two plugs the same in there the only one you have to watch is internet card,,
    so I have mine back up running for under 200 bucks

  21. Les
    March 18, 2009 at 19:03

    My XPS graphic card died too. 3 Months after warranty expired. Where can I buy just the card so that I can replace it myself?


  22. David Draper
    March 20, 2009 at 11:18

    And one more. My 1710 graphics card just went – and yes, its after warranty and the Dell technician wants cash to before dealing with the issue. I have been a happy Dell customer to-date (5th Dell), but if they don’t deal with me and accept that this issue is due to faulty hardware, they have lost me as a customer for life. I dont’ know what there per-unit profit margin is, but I’m sure they will lose more in the long run by losing me as a customer. I’m hoping they do the right thing because I’m still paying for the paper weight…

  23. another guy psd off
    March 28, 2009 at 18:54

    I got a 1710 too.
    Screen had a fault after a month r so of when i got it.
    Then after about 10-12 mpnths from my purchase gfx card fried got it replaced two months ago, the day after it was replaced windows locked and i was informed that my version of windows was pirated(but it wasn’t). informed by dell tech support that i had to reformat my hard drive.
    I was pretty mad, but got everything working in the end. Happyish with that, even though i lost some files.

    Last week the entire laptop just stopped working altogether. Now waiting on dell nearly two weeks to look at it.

    Thank you Dell! Cant wait to hear from you … you twat!

  24. Eric Luckenuik
    April 9, 2009 at 21:39

    My graphic card died too this week. Is there any Dell employee that can take decisions, they all say they can’t do nothing and transfer you to a superior with the same song… First Dell, probably the last one, and I will tell all my friends on facebook to avoid Dell! 🙂

  25. Ben
    April 20, 2009 at 13:13

    Have had excellent service from dell for a number of years. Bought an XPS M1710 a year and half ago. Had graphics card problems 6 months after buying the machine. Replacement card fitted within 2 days by an engineer. Performance of the machine is excellent however there is a serios design flaw that causes overheating of the graphics card. One of my colleagues used to work in Dell repair recently and saw many many M1710 heat issues including keyboards physically melted in over the graphics card they got so hot.
    Started seeing artifacts on the screen a few days ago together with coloured bars.
    Its now in a state where I can only boot in safe mode. I am definately seeing a heat issue as when the problems started recently I installed NVidia nView which reports the temperature of the GPU. On idle within windows the GPU is at 75 degrees and hitting 80+ under desktop load, go knows what it would hit within a heavy game.
    Anyway contacted support, received the usual script and was told there is currently a delay on the cards (surprisingly), will give them a few days and then hit our account manager (Luckily were a company and can use our buying power), will probably end up with a M1730, hope thats better. Anyone know on the reliability of the newer model.

    Its a shame the machine is crippled by the performance the one thing that makes it great.
    Fingers crossed.
    Oh and my warranty expired after one year, didnt renew, then Dell called a month ago and offered 3 years warranty for £150. Thank god I took it out.
    Beware of XPS M1710 with the Nvidia card!. Serious design flaw as stated by their engineers.

  26. April 20, 2009 at 20:52

    My graphics card in my 1710 has also died repeatedly. The first time it died was outside of Warranty. I paid for a 2 year extended Warranty, in addition to the outside of Warranty call out charge, because it was about the same price as paying for a new video card. The replacement card died 1 month later and it’s now died again 5 months later.

    The thing that frustrates me the most is that a colleague and I ordered 2 of these notebooks through the company as part of the same order. He had ongoing issues with his 1710 and Dell graciously replaced his notebook with a 1730, but they have not done the same thing for me after repeated issues.

    Prior to this call out, a Dell rep verbally promised me we would discuss a replacement were the notebook to break down again. It broke down again and when I mentioned this I was told there was no such record in their system and they don’t see a reason for a replacement.

    I contacted our account manager and told him about my case and how my colleague was issued with a replacement. Even though a replacement may be non-standard practice, they set a precedent by doing that for him and I expect no less service, considering I spec’d out my notebook, spent much more than him and in addition purchased a 2 year extended Warranty, I feel like I am getting the very short end of the stick.

    They were slow to act, so I sent another email mentioning that I am considering contacting the Department of Fair Trading. You will not believe how quickly they responded to that and that all of a sudden they could look into my case.

    This is still in progress…I will report how it all goes.

  27. Pete
    May 5, 2009 at 11:13

    Another M1710 victim reporting here then. I used the comp for just over 2 years before the first GTX card died, I replaced that one and installed IK8fangui to force the cooling. Diligently I monitored the GPU temp to ensure no adverse temperatures and I’m sad to say that one lasted about 2 weeks! No warranty either.

    This episode, coupled with the ‘you must buy Dell power adaptors to run at full speed’ episode that I also went through is enough for me to cut my losses. You won’t catch me buying Dell anything in future and that now includes Alienware.

  28. Another XPS Owner
    May 11, 2009 at 17:02

    I’m based in the UK and I’ve had 5 faults with my XPS M1710, 3 video cards replaced as well as a motherboard. This time the card was change and it went faulty while the engineer was still on site!
    I’ve now been waiting for over a month (7th April) for a replacement.

    My original warranty and Complete Care have expired (during the wait) and I’m now in to an extended on site warranty (next day on-site!)

    Dell have canceled the engineers visit several times claiming the part was not available, after telling me when they booked the call that the part had just arrived in stock!

    They canceled again today and told me they had no ETA on the part. A second Dell support person told me that it would be “at least two weeks” and possibly a month before the part will be available. They then offered to downgrade my video card from 7950 GTX with 512 MB to a 7900 GS with 256MB.

    Absolutely shocking support from Dell on these machines. They should replace them!

    Time for Watchdog I think!

  29. GHynson
    May 12, 2009 at 12:32

    DON’T Buy laptops with NVIDIA cards in them.
    Nividia’s are known to burn out over time, considering the crappy designs of thier chips.
    The only thing thier cards are usefull for is room heating.

  30. jason young
    May 15, 2009 at 05:53

    Hi guys,

    i have the same problem with my m1710
    faulty gtx7950 card,and no idea when i will get a replacement i am under warranty,
    i called dell yesterday around 1pm they said i could wait any where upto 2 weeks for a new card but they still booked a call out for today
    however the dell service centre called me on (01753764840)@5.35pm and i was told to call out for friday(today)and they keep me updated
    i asked how long before they get the part theyh said within 3-5 days
    i think the 1710m is a great machine i like it
    i have a m1730 as well but its got vista on it and i hate using vista.

    iam thinking of buying another xps m1710 and i explain why

    easy to swap the hard drive from one 1710 to another 1710

    which i dont think you can do on the 1730
    (i.e swap a 1710 hard rive onto your 1730)
    going to try that right now 11.53

  31. M.C. van den Heuvel
    May 15, 2009 at 09:31

    M1710 T7200 2GB Go 7950 GTX 100MB 7200rpm HD March 2007 EURO 2400 3YWarrenty Nextbussinessday

    Already had a card switch 3 weeks ago.The first one failed due to heatproblems as already described above. After replacement the temperatures were steady again. Then I tried to game on it with several games,also old ones like Flatout2,Ra2 but the system crashed ,also as already described above, on NMI Parity errors all the time,and blurred bsod’s. But the laptop didnt heat on those time. It was something else also.
    The new games like crysis! dont start what even what setting i use with the same error. Some gaminglaptop i bought… I called Dell technical support the next day and we did some diagnostic tests,which all succeeded btw. And i had to switch the memory banks in each slot,which didnt helped at all.
    Another 7950 GTX replacing was scheduled, but on the day it should be replaced,i was called by the engineer who said the part did not arrive, and i had to wait untill it did. This was 8 days ago,while i have a nextbussinessday repair warrenty,i payed extra for… I called today to be informed and i was told that the card was not in yet,and that they have to wait as well for their supliers. It sounds like they cant get any NEW 7950 gtx cards. I am wondering why..;)And if thats really the solution ? I doubt it very much. All these complaints i read in this very interresting forum. It can’t be fixed with only card AND mobo AND memory swaps . It sounds more like a serious defect in coolingdesign to me. This is not what i expected and payed for.. And what will happen if my system heats up again or another NMI Parity error occures when the warrenty expires? After reading this forum,my thanks to You all, i am certain of it now. I have still more then 200 days left of the 3Ywarrenty, and i think i am in title of a full refund,or equal or better NEW system. This has costed me 2 hollydays already and the agony of a failing expensive system. This is my fourth Dell, i have still a dimension 8250 besides the M1710,but if Dell keeps coming with Refurbished shit and not working “solutions”, its over for me with Dell.and i will push it to the boundaries to get my money back. I already have a toaster.

    The technical support guy said that Dell has 2 weeks to get the parts,from where already 8 days now are spent,before they have other options for me,whatever he meant with that,It wasnt really clear. So if i have to play it by their book i still have to wait another 6 days before i can call them again and hear what they mean by that.

    Yesterday the 7950 is replaced with a REFURBISHED 7950. i made pictures of both cards. But 30 minutes after the engineer from Dell left my system shutdown due to overheating,while using I8Fangui v3.1 with Force Fans to high speed “on” while there isnt any dust in the sytem while it was cleaned during the first replacement of the card 3 weeeks ago .The error message when i started the system again was m1004 with an explanation stating the sysem has shutdown because the system was too hot. I made a videorecording about it with my Digital Camera. I called the engineer and also the dell technical support and explained what happened. The technical support listened to my story and decided to take it up with his superior. After a 5 minute wait he got back to me and told me they wanted to do a “SUPERREPAIR” what should be a total internal replacement of the videocard(its thirth) and motherboard and memory and all the fans and heatsinks. This would mean that since i bought the laptop all is renewed except for the Keyboard and the rest of the external laptop. The lcdscreen was already replaced because after the first videocard replacement 1 screw didnt fit anymore. The ac adapter was already replaced in the first month since i received the laptop. I am the first owner. I was also told that if that should not help they want to do a total replacement of the laptop. The “SUPERREPAIR” is scheduled for Monday 18t

  32. M.C. van den Heuvel
    May 16, 2009 at 19:18

    old that if that should not help they want to do a total replacement of the laptop. The “SUPERREPAIR” is scheduled for Monday 18th of May. If it ill be canceled because there aren’t any parts,i have to call again to the technical support and they will replace the laptop. I am already 1 month busy with this all an i hope it will finaly come to an end and with these problems. One way or the other. Fix my laptop or give me a NEW,same or better laptop or a TOTAL REFUND, I will keep you informed.

  33. ALM
    May 19, 2009 at 20:49

    Have had my m1710, 2.33Ghz,100Gb,2Gb ram for about 2yr 8mths. Have had no problems with it except that it would drop the bluetooth keyboard and mous from time to time. I play ghost recon advanced warfare and Fear on it frequently and it gets really hot but I keep it on a cooler pad to help manage the heat. I’ve noticed though that it heats up much more now even with the cooler pad, at the rate its going I think the card might burn soon. Still have a couple moths of completecare though.

  34. dave
    May 20, 2009 at 09:47

    my 1710 nvidia 7950 card has just burnt out now too. have had the notebook 1.5 years, but had only taken a 1 next business day warantee. This product is absolutely dire, surely there is some form of recourse. I don’t know how they’re getting away with it.

  35. Unhappy Dell customer
    May 21, 2009 at 08:12

    I just experienced this overheat problem with my Dell m1710 Nvidia 7950 GTX card last week.

    The machine overheats and shutdown itself. I had to wait for 10~15 mins before can restart it again.

    After 3 days, Dell sent a tech support to replace the video card and heat sink on Wednesday. We tested the computer one more time after replaced the new parts. It still overheted and shutdown, however, this time my LCD monitor died. The screen never came back.

    I am very up sad with this… I never really play any game on this laptop (except warcraft 3 and some flash games). The first few games I’ve played cause the machine overheat.. (Demigod, Crysis)

    This is both my work laptop and game laptop.
    I have been contacting with Dell support, talking to them this issue occurred during “their support” is costing me time and money.

    The tech support team in Dell was extremely un-helpful. One of them even told me I should not play this two games….

    What game am I allow to play? what game am i NOT allow to play? =(

  36. Rogan
    May 25, 2009 at 00:42

    I’m having this same problem. My computer overheated, and when it restarted I had artifacts all over my screen during post, and then wouldn’t book to windows, unless in safe mode. I found that the NVIDA driver caused windows not to boot, so if you roll that back you should be able to boot, but that kinda of defeats the purpose of the laptop.

    Laptop is two years old with expired warranty, and I stupidly financed this beast for 4 years…so im still going to be paying for this room heating paper weight for 2 more years.

  37. Mike
    May 28, 2009 at 22:11

    I use my M1710 frequently for games (TF2, L4D, GTA IV) and just recently experienced overheating problems after 1 year. It happened abruptly while gaming and then got worse to the point where it wouldn’t turn on at all.

    They sent a technician over to swap the suspected vid card and motherboard, and the idiot forgot the part. So she had to come back the next day (and I had to leave work early again), and it didn’t fix the problem. So a depot was arranged.

    4 days later I never received my box, so I called Dell to inquire. Turns out they cancelled the order for some reason.

    So they shipped a new box which arrived the next day. They get the laptop after a week, and I learn the needed part is on backorder and the repair was delayed. That was 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been without my laptop for about a month now.

    Just learned I have no upgrade option for my vid card (NVidia 7950 GTX) which is sure to be obsolete in a year or so with modern games. I’m starting to regret this purchase. My complete care expires in Jan, and I’m tempted to ebay the laptop and invest in a gaming desktop which is easier to upgrade, and less susceptible to overheating.

  38. will
    June 4, 2009 at 18:29

    i had 2 FAILURES so far… first off, after 1 year and 1/2 my graphics card Nvidia geforce 7900Gs started to display odd streaking graphics while playing WoW. Soon after i got the dreaded *Memory parity check / Parity error* message on a blue screen. This message started appearing more and more often. I decided to buy a Geforce 7950gtx from E-bay thinking it would be better… worked awsome for 1 month and now i can no longer boot my computer. I get green vertical lines while windows is booting then my cpu switches to a black screen and does nothing. The Design of the XPS is the problem imo. STAY AWAY FROM DELL NOTEBOOKS!

  39. Josh H
    June 7, 2009 at 14:11

    Good grief! I had no ideas the failures were this common. Me, my graphics card failed a year ago. Just out of a one year warranty. Nice. Still not replaced it, but the computer works just fine if you reinstall the operating system, and DON’T install the graphics driver. It’s not great – I have to use Media Player Classic to watch DVDs and stretch the image so it fits my widescreen… As a short term solution it’s usable provided you don’t mind data loss. And for me, inertia has provided a long term solution. I will get a replacement graphics card. Maybe.

  40. JohnDAMOURS
    June 9, 2009 at 13:32

    One more with the same lines and parity error + hot graphics card. Will watch for any class action suits and will join in gladly. Again is this NVidia or Dell? I have other flakey issues, so this is a write-off, and moving to 64 bit OS
    Dude, don’t put that Dell on eBay, or I’ll haunt you… you’re worse than Dell, right up there with Madoff.
    2.3 yrs not too bad, don’t buy through Dell, I only paid $2K on eBay, and it’s legit with Dell. They partner with people for reasons I can’t explain other than family. It was actally shipped from Dell, specially built and over clocked. Donlt ask, but see you on eBay. Anyone need parts? Nice Display!

  41. Randy Lewis
    June 11, 2009 at 21:16

    My graphic card went to day, Like every one is saying, out of warranty of course.Is there a replacement card i can buy ? For my M1710 and where ?

  42. Anonymous
    June 17, 2009 at 11:26

    Hello all.
    Dell sucks
    My graphics card is being replaced for the fourth time tomorrow. It get’s better. It’s being replaced for the fourth time in 6 months.
    I’ve argued with Dell and they’ve agreed to replace the laptop if there is another problem with it.
    Luckily I extended the guarantee by a futher 3 years recently.
    Don’t ever buy Dell. They do not care about the customer once they have taken your hard earned cash.

  43. June 29, 2009 at 08:45

    Well. add me to the list of screwed too.
    6 months after warranty and no replacement at all. And if i read that there is a serious issue with the design i just feel sad… i am not going to invest 500 dollar for a replacement card if it burns out again…
    and when i order a new one? it won’t be a Dell.

  44. Tom Purcell
    June 30, 2009 at 03:04

    I am another XPS M1710 7950GTX owner with a laptop which now only works in a vastly reduced graphics mode (after crash and re-install) and overheats even then. I was enticed to buy this laptop based on my previous experiences with Dell – desktops and laptops – and on the promise of a high performance machine. As an engineer I regard my laptop as unfit for the purpose for which it was purchased. I believe Dell are well aware of the problem and, since Nvidia are most likely washing their hands of it, have decided the best approach is to deny the design flaw. The warranties are a means for Dell to recover cost from a flawed product. If any of my products overheated and failed in a like manner I would be expected to identify the root of the problem and implement a solution to allow the product work to specification. The problem here is not the motherboard, graphics card, fans etc. but rather the inability of the laptop, due to it’s design, to remove heat and consequently prevent damage and/or failure to surrounding parts. I wonder what the rated maximum local internal temperature specified in the design standard for these components is? It is almost certain that the graphics card is well in excess of it’s designed maximum operational temperature.

  45. BrianMadsen
    June 30, 2009 at 09:45

    Almost forgot to update this thread – got quite a few going at the moment as all of my problems has occured over a period of 9 months..

    anyways, good news for me at least – Dell’s agreed to replace my faulty unit (M1710) with a new unit (M17x) and i’ve gotten the details et al for the new replacement.

    It’s a factory fresh replacement, but due to unforeseen demands for this new popular model i’ll have to wait a bit before it’ll arrive.

    it’s 1 1/2 weeks since i saw the order was entered and received at the Dell factory/production team and i have been notified by one of the XPS Resolution specialists that there’s a slight delay, so all’s good for now.

    blogged it here:

    where you can read the rest of my story (well, the rest, for now!).

    Best of luck to everybody that’s having these issues.

  46. David
    July 20, 2009 at 13:42

    What can I say I was fed up with Dell for several reasons …But because the laptop was so easy to take apart & the graphics card so easy to repair,I may not buy all my hardware from Sony….Still trying to make my mind up.

    All I can say is it took me 45 minutes to repair, follow the advice on re soldering graphics card … Install a fan good as if not better than new

  47. Jim W
    July 27, 2009 at 18:58

    First, I’m surprised that you guys have had so many problems. I knew about the overheating issue and took measures to control it with some manual fan control software. and Using an older bios (06 I think) that didn’t have as many problems.

    Until last week I had gone the entire life of two of these without a problem and considered them bulletproof since these stay on at all times and have been running for like 4 years or so.

    I enter the room the other day and the laptop is frozen with wierd lines curving from center of screen down toward lower right corner. Since this was my primary use laptop I pulled the drive and memory and tossed them in their lessor used identical brother and I was up again.

    Went to fix the bad one and after messing around a bit got it working. Went into save mode, reflashed the bios, and its running a different drive and memory but it seems to work. Very odd.

  48. Craig T
    July 29, 2009 at 10:33

    Well it seems I’ve been luckier than most. I’ve had this M1710 for 3 years now and and my 7950 just went tits up with all the same symtoms. Can’t find a replacement anywhere.

  49. J T
    August 2, 2009 at 17:40

    My M1710 graphic card gave up on 31st July 09, just few days ago, wasnt playing games at that time, woke up, turn it on from standby, left it for like 15 mins, then screen went black. i thought it would be normal. tried turning it off. when i restarted … thats when all the problems started

    it was out of warranty as well

    phoned cust service, told me to pay $1,100+ to get that thing replaced, and it was not an ASAP services

    was told to wait until 20th August then MAYBE … still MAYBE ill get my 1710 repaired due to first in first out order for the parts.

    heck i spent 5000 for this 1710 and only lasted me 2.5 years

    at of this moment i am leaving Dell … but still could be tempted to get back to it in the future …

    as last ditch effort i brought this “now heavy piece of metallic and plastic garbage” to repairshop and asked them if they could replace the graphic card. they all said no. TOO EXPENSIVE and i should ve sent it back to dell if i want it working properly again …

    this prompted me to go n buy hp pavilion which cost 3k instead of fixing it

    works great but still i am missing my 1710 that i ve taken good care of 🙁 but it just failed on me like that … ill see how this new hp fares compared to that 1710.

    Is it just me or is other ppl with the nvidia experiencing the same problem ? and is it really impossible to fix dell graphic card without sending it back to manufacturer ? 🙁

  50. S T
    August 4, 2009 at 23:43

    Hey JT I was told by a dell tech last week that the 1710 was listed by dell as a problem and that they would fix graphics card failures even if it is out of warranty. Shame they didn’t do that sooner ‘cos it cost me over $400 to extend my warranty last Dec so I could get my first graphics card failure fixed.

    I’ve been having the same problem with my 1710 graphics card for 7 months now. 4 technician calls in 7 months, 3 graphics cards and one motherboard. The last technician downgraded my 512MB card to the 256MB 7900 GS while they wait for new stock of the 512MB cards to arrive in August. Sure enough the replacement card is also rubbish and crashes intermittently on startup leaving me with a black screen and having to force power off. I’m sick of it. Then I have to boot into safe mode before a restart will get it working again. Yesterday I was told that I would basically have to put up with these crashes until the new cards arrived in August. What a joke. So much for next business day service.

  51. Col
    August 10, 2009 at 10:16

    Well this page is an eye opener, I have a 1710. Had my first problem about a year in, my graphics card gf7900 512mb failure by overheating and hard drive failure, called support and went through the usual long winded steps to diagnose, the laptop was returned to dell for repair, three weeks later i was still waiting for the laptop as they have told me there was a backlog of repairs and they were waiting for replacement parts.

    Finally got it back from dell, the screen was broken at the bottom right, case cracked by keyboard and the operating system wouldnt start.

    I called them and they told me they would send an engineer who failed to show, this was due to dell calling me to confirm the engineer booking the day before (which was a bank holiday monday) so i wasnt at work to answer my phone. Instead of leaving a message they decided to just hang up so i have no idea who called. Called them again and booked another engineer who came and fitted the 1710 with a new screen and case. I managed to get the OS working beforehand.

    Three weeks later, the gf7900 overheated and broke again, I refused to send my laptop to dell and they sent an engineer out to replace my gf7900 again which they did without problems.

    About 6 weeks later the graphics card broke again so i called dell and went through the same routine yet again….

    I am now on my 4th graphics card which incidently they downgraded to the 256mb without telling me, i only just noticed while i checked the model for this post. I have had a replacement hard drive, new case, new 1920px screen.

    My laptop starts up at 3am every night for no reason since it was sent back to them, it fails to start regularly, it starts in 640 res on occasion and i also get the joy of it burning anything it sits on every day…. woohoo!!!

    Luckily my laptop is leased so its covered, if i wasnt leasing it would have been thrown in the bin a long long time ago. Have to say the engineers do a great job, the phone support by dell is pathetic.

  52. Ade
    August 12, 2009 at 09:30

    Another woeful tale:

    My first 7950 GTX failure was in March 2009. D*ll managed to get hold of a replacement card quickly and new one was fitted by an engineer within a couple of days.

    Last week (August 5th) the graphics card went again (pre-boot assessment gave 5300:0119 error code on graphics card mem test).

    Booked an engineer visit for Tues 11th, which was a no-show. Checked my email and received an email from a no-reply address in the evening saying that they were trying to source a card from somewhere and it may be the end of the month ’til it becomes available, and they would contact me….

    Am annoyed on so many levels…made arrangements to be at home only for no communication from D*ll and a no-show, and then an email telling me they are scouring the earth for cards which are on a first come first served basis and I’ll need to wait my turn…next business day service my ar$e! And why do they book an engineer when they know they haven’t the card to fit?!!

    I bought this laptop for Flex development, great screen and when working is a top machine, I haven’t pushed this machine or the graphics card to their limit (usually its just cruising along quietly), so I expect it to be rock-solid reliable. I use it for work, so its a major issue not having it available.

    Thankfully I’m half way through a 3 year next day on site warranty but have asked D*ll for a replacement machine as I cannot risk taking the machine somewhere for a demo, find out the graphics card has fried again, and wait weeks for a replacement, when I’ve paid for a NEXT DAY service.

  53. Pete Warner
    August 14, 2009 at 13:49

    Don’t count on Dell doing anything. Even after Nvidia handed Dell upwards of $200,000,000.00 to get the problems fixed with the XPS-M1710 (and others), I still have a $3000,00 paperweight. Nvidia contacted Dell on my behalf–to no avail. My Pennsylvania State Attorney General contacted Dell and I received a phone call promising a replacement Laptop. I never heard from Dell again and they will not answer my emails. I have had TWO Graphics cards go bad and am now out of warranty. That’s all Dell needed to hear. Warranty has NOTHING to do with a product being defective from the very start. Dell is simply waiting for the Civil suits to start–which they have, and then they will use Nvidia’s own money to bail themselves out. No, Dell is no longer on my list of Companies to do business with. I have a friend who works at Dell and he is actively looking for a new job. He states that working at Dell has become a “sweat box” and the complaints that Dell receives are overwhelming. He wants out (and he has a very high level job). So, good luck getting Dell to do anything if you have run out of warranty. A personal Lawsuit is the only way I can go and I am in the discovery process at this moment. Yes, I do have a case according to my Attornay. He’s foaming at the mouth over this. Time will tell! Good luck to you all! Peter W.

  54. Harry
    August 15, 2009 at 09:32

    I’m very sorry you have all these problems, however, Dell is not an evil company in my experience. This is my M1710 video card failure story. (Note: I live in Europe so I dealt with Dell-Europe)
    On Feb 21 2009 the video card (Nvidia 7950 GTX) of my M1710 failed. At that time the machine was 18 months old. I only bought one year coverage so I thought this would cost me extra money. However, within a week Dell sent a technician and he replaced the card at no charge! Then on April 1st (no joke) the video card failed again. Again Dell replaced the card within a week at no charge. Then on Jun 2 the card failed again. This time I told Dell I had lost confidence in the Nvidia 7950 GTX card in light of the production problems Nvidia admitted to having last year. (I suspect that all remaining 7950 GTX’es suffer from these production problems.) I asked if Dell wanted to replace my M1710 with an M1730 and that I was willing to pay the price difference for better graphics (I was thinking of the dual SLI 9800M GT). Dell agreed and proposed an M1730 configured similarly to my old M1710 (RAM and harddisk) but with a faster CPU and the dual SLI 9800M GT video option all at no extra charge unless I wanted more memory, bigger harddisk, etc. I agreed to Dells proposal and 3 weeks later I got the M1730 and I’m a happy gamer again. I’ve been using Dell computers since 1997 and I have never had any trouble getting occasional problems (this was the 3rd time) fixed by Dell.

  55. Jason Farr
    August 17, 2009 at 01:52

    Hi. I am yet again another sad M1710 owner. I bought the laptop in September 2006 right after I graduated from Great Lakes for the US Navy. The machine was wonderful at first. Played Guild Wars and other games great.

    Then about a year later I returned one night to see my laptop had the imfamous BSOD NMI parity check error. Sadly by that time my laptop was out of the one year warranty but I could have sowrn when my father ordered the laptop we bought the extended one.

    Well needless to say I have gotten nowhere with technical support. They gave me the typical run around and as far as the warranty they had no “record” of us purchasing the extended version.

    So now I am one of the lucky others with a paperweight. Particle effetcs, blue screens. And now it is so bad the BIOS or any image will not come up on the machine. And I cant afford the 400+ dollar replacement fee for a 3 year old graphics card thats over two series behinds the newest ones.

    Your best bet is to go online and buy from and get a decent desktop for around 500 bucks that can play games at a decent level.

    If anyone could possibly help me to maybe work on getting a replacement laptop or even an extended warranty on this nightmare let me know.

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