Totally frustrated with Dell – XPS M1710 has gone AWOL

As you may know (or may not if you’re new here) i’ve had a lot of dramas with Dell regarding my XPS M1710 laptop. Last october (’07) saw the M1710 as the laptop flagship from Dell and the early reviews put it miles ahead of any other laptop in terms of performance – so i bought one.

It all started here when my laptop started to overheat – luckily my laptop was still covered by warranty so things “should” have been sorted out quickly enough and i was impressed with what I was told by Dell Technical Support.

Support actioned a technician for me, 3 days later – which suddenly meant 4 days as they had to reschedule. Left me hanging for the entire day with technical support insisting/promising that the technician would definitely be turning up, just wait for the phone call for a more specific time. Yeps, he never turned up and later in the afternoon i was told he wouldn’t be coming over at all. 3 calls to Dell on the same day to confirm he would definitely be there and was told that it was 100% certain he would be there. Those 100% collapsed fast into 0% after the last time i followed up on it.

Finally it was fixed – or was it? nopes, still had somewhat the same issues plus severe performance issues with the graphics card as well – so they dispatched another technician to my house to replace the graphics card (first time the motherboard, fans and heatsinks were replaced).

Fixed yet….nopes…massive problems again and i was getting tired of getting promises upon promises upon promises, till finally i had enough and called customer service instead to complain. This saw, after a very heated discussion with a technician on the line at the same time as the customer service representative was there. The technician insisted that the problems were my operating system and i said it wasn’t.

Long story short, the laptop had to go in for a 3-4 day workshop – that was last week btw. We’re now on day 8 after i was stood up yesterday, again after having been given 100% guarantees that it would be delivered – twice!!!

I had a call Tuesday, after i escalated the issue with the customer service representative that i’m now dealing with, to let me know that the laptop had been fixed (the motherboard had again been replaced) and that I would get it Wednesday (yesterday).

Yesterday morning (wednesday) i got a call around 9am or so to let me know they’d be dropping the laptop off between 12:30 and 14:30 – i told them it had to be delivered to our offices in perth because i simply couldn’t keep taking time off to cater for them as they kept breaking their promises. Not a problem, new address given and confirmed. 2 hrs later i get another  call from the same person at Dell Technical Support, who advised me that they “had a few problems at the depot where my laptop was” and that the time had to be extended to be between 12:30 and 16:30. Again, confirm the address and time and again i get a 100% guarantee that it would be delivered.

So guess what? 16:45, still no laptop..16:50, still no laptop..I was fuming…absolutely rediculous that they can keep screwing things up (note for the reader, this is when the language [may] turn ugly). How many things can they fuck up? How much patience am I meant to have?

I also sent an email, straight after the second call, to the customer service representative to inform him of the development (i’d earlier sent him a massive email letting him know how dissapointed and dissatisfied i was with Dell at the moment) and asked him to look into the problem at the depot as i was getting nervous that they’d either 1) lost my laptop or 2) found out that it actually hadn’t been fixed yet.

I get in to work this morning at 6:10am and place a call straight to the customer service representative – get his voice message (naturally, it’s only 8:10am over east) and ask him to call me back..

Now all in all i’ve given Dell every damn opportunity to fix this and it’s turning into a circus – i’m livid and angry now. no, that’s not right..i’m absolutely fucking furious at the moment at these limp dicks fucking up again and again. How the hell do they manage to run an international corporation when they just keep fucking things up?

I wonder if i’m the only basket case that’s using Dell at the moment or if i’m the dumbest person in the world (aha, no reason to comment on that one – i AM) – how much more patience and leeway should i give them?

The answer is simple – if my laptop isn’t here by 10am today i’m going to go and take this to the ministry of fair trading – a resolution better bloody/fucking well be found!! Where…Is…My…Laptop???

Nuff said!!!

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  1. Armand Ratilal
    October 22, 2008 at 20:58

    Fill in the form:

    and then head to their office next door to the Fujitsu HQ to give it to them. (quickest way)

    They took some time for my last complaint, but they did do their job well.

  2. BrianMadsen
    October 22, 2008 at 21:47

    Hey Armand,

    thanks for that – the full link is actually:

    I’ve already downloaded it and will take it next door today.

    As it stands the laptop isn’t going to be delivered as originally stated by them. It’s been pushed out another 5-6 hours (which is what they’ve done each time they’ve failed to deliver it) but this time it didn’t taken them 2hrs to find out that they’d gotten it wrong. it only took them 5 went from “Hi Brian, just letting you know the laptop will be delivered before 10am” all the way to “Hi Brian, i said level 10 instead of level 15 to the technician so he has gone back to xxxxxxx and it will be delivered between 3pm and 5pm”.

    I went off the rails completely…told the woman that it simply wasn’t good enough and totally unacceptable.

    Called customer service representative back (he was litterally waiting for my call) and told him that i’d had enough..lies on lies on lies. enough is enough and i’ve given them the 4 options they have..well 3 is really what they have left…the 4th is me going to docep.

    And i’ve given them till 2pm today to get back to me with a resolution otherwise i’m engaging docep straight away..simple as that.

  3. BrianMadsen
    October 22, 2008 at 22:27

    Another update: Dell’s reason for NOT delivering it yesterday was that they had “misplaced the laptop” at their depot.

    apparently they had new technicians in that didn’t know where things went and that was the reason.

    The reason for not calling and informing me was…nothing. Just a mention of the above and a “sorry on behalf of my colleagues”.

    It’s really amazing how badly Dell is doing in their service departments and i sincerely hope that this isn’t the case for their business customers (i’m assuming that it isn’t).

    Anyways, i’ll see what comes out of the options they now have available to them before i complain officially.

    Normally i’d simply just have complained higher up in the hierachy within Dell – till i hit a manager or supervisor, but any attempt to engage one has been null and void..nothing. I’m suspecting that they actually don’t exist and that Dell is run as an anarchy (hmm..probably not though).

  4. October 23, 2008 at 05:48

    Maybe Dell, as a favour to the rest of us, is trying to protect us from your code. 🙂 It’s a conspiracy I tells ya!

  5. BrianMadsen
    October 23, 2008 at 17:19

    LOL@Colin – i doubt very much that Dell would be capable of interpreting the following:

    if (DellComplaints.Contains(BrianMadsen))
    //todo: something smart

    much less be capable of building a conspiracy :p


    p.s. how’s things going for you these days? hardly see you on MSN or anything of late 🙁

  6. BrianMadsen
    October 23, 2008 at 18:41

    Well – the case (from Dells perspective) is now closed.

    The laptop is fixed and they aren’t willing to come to a satisfactory resolution..i’m waiting for the written confirmation of their decision so i can take that with me to docep.

    the fact is, they don’t know if the laptop has been fixed – the company they use here in Perth has apparently “assured” them that it has, which should have been the case when it was fixed on the previous two occasions.

    I dont hold much faith in it actually being fixed – previous experience here has shown that it certainly wasn’t fixed when they replaced 90% of the laptop on the last two occasions.

    But, giving Dell some credit (beside the fact that i’ve caught them lying through their teeth to me) they are willing to extend my warranty for another full year – at least they’re backing up their “assumptions” that they can now say it’s been fixed.

    I’ve honestly felt naked without my laptop here – i feel i’ve been screwed over severely by Dell and have pushed and pushed for a resolution. I’ve also been extremely lenient, giving them another chance again and again, even when they’ve lied through their teeth to me.

    a 3-4 day workshop turned into a 8 day circus – and all they did was replace the motherboard..errr..

    There’s also been severe breaches in communication between Dell and their service centers – which in some cases can be understood.

    I’m hopefully going to get my laptop back today and i will be beating it through everything that i can think of to ensure that it is in fact fixed.

    So, how do i test it the best?

    First off i think i need to get hold of 3DMark06 and take it through some tests. When i last tested it the score was around 5000 the first time and below 5000 the second time. Hopefully with the fixes it’ll show a better benchmark – if it’s lower then i can only assume that there must be something else wrong.

    I need to test memory and cpu – any ideas of which programs would be ideal for this?

    Actually, if i could get hold of a full logistics application then that would be even better. Any ideas?

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