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Laptop bag for 17 inch laptop

December 20th 2008 in 9149

I see a ton of really sweet laptop bags these days – making the mobile experience even better.


they’re all for baby laptops…13 inches….15 inches…I mean…girl sizes only. Where’s the good laptop bags for the biguns? 17 inches and the 19 inches?

The laptop SUITCASE that came with the M1710 is anything but comfortable to wear. The single strap is too thin and the padding on the “movable” pad that slides along the strap is about as useful as if i was wearing make up (serioulsy, that would NOT make me any more attractive).

What i’d most like to get my hands on would be a backpack. One that’ll allow me to carry the near 5kgs of laptop around (yes, the M1710 is HEAVY) in moderate comfort.

I’ve found a few laptop backpacks that’d supposedly handle a 17 inch laptop, buuuuuut, looking at the sizes then it has to be a very THIN 17 inch laptop.

So i’m putting the call out for a superior laptop bag (preferably a laptop backpack) which’ll fit a 17 inch laptop.

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“Laptop bag for 17 inch laptop”

Mitch Wheat

check out the Krumpler offerings….


Hey Mitch,

thanks for that – assuming you mean Crumbler?

Found a few there that’ll hold a 17″ laptop.



Check out Targus, the laptop bags are great, strong and durable.

Then check out the good old shopbot for pricing :-)


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