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Windows 7 Punkbuster fix

January 14th 2009 in 9681

Update: this fix has been confirmed to work for BF 2 as well on several clan gaming forums – thanks for the feedback guys…

Note: this fix has to be applied each time you run CoD4 as PnkBstrB gets instantiated/installed/run by the PnkBstrA service and the checkbox isn’t checked the second time around.

Edit: I’ve had several people tell me that they’re not getting kicked after around 25 minutes of play and are capable of playing the game in multiplayer on Windows 7 with the fix below. So try it out – could be i have something else running that it’s not happy with though i can’t for the time being locate the problem – will still keep looking.

Edit: after about 25 minutes of play Punkbuster kicked me again with a driver issue…so, still no fix…will keep looking

I’ve been wrecking my mind as to why Punkbuster enabled games couldn’t run on Windows 7 Beta.

I knew Punkbuster installed itself as a service so i figured i’d have a look at what it was configured as per default.

First i noticed there’s two Punkbuster services running on my system:


I opened each of the service properties and looked at Log On. Saw a little checkbox which stated “Allow this service to interact with the desktop” – checked it and tried to run COD4 Multiplayer.


Joined a game..and voila..NO PUNKBUSTER KICKS…

i tried three different servers and i didn’t get kicked from either of them.

That seemed to fix it for the time being. I’ll try joining some more servers tonight and see if the behaviour still exist.


Edit: after about 25 minutes of play Punkbuster kicked me again with a driver issue…so, still no fix…will keep looking

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“Windows 7 Punkbuster fix”


Does this help any?

Log Name: System
Source: Service Control Manager
Date: 1/14/2009 10:48:57 PM
Event ID: 7030
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: PC-1
The PnkBstrA service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly.
Event Xml:



PC -1



these punkbuster services don’t even show in the services.msc manager on Windows 7 x64, even though running the pbsetup.exe updater says it’s all there.


OK i tried your fix and i get nothing, are you running anything in compatibility mode or anything like that, also i have cod4 on steam, i wonder if that is the difference please let me know



Also i am using 64bit 7 idk which you use


I am having problems finding the punkbuster service was wondering if you could guide me.


same here – the two services are NOT listed in the services list and the processors are not running :(

i’m not sure why it didn’t install right???


Good news! as a few people have said, PB was not installed correctly and as such, was not listed in the services list.

if you go here ( and read the FIRST PARAGRAPH, u’ll see a link to the service installation program (called PBSVC). download that puppy and u’re good to go.



doesnt work iv’e tried that…

Angus Jeffrey

I just fixed the whole kick thing for me.
Give it a try and let me know if it works for you too.

Go into C:\Users\’YourUser’\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\COD4\pb
and find PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB.

Change these two to run as Administrator and then run CoD4 as normal (without changing the services as you have done).
I did this and have successfully played for over an hour now. I only got a crash from a buggy Nvidia driver.

Hope this helps!


does this fix not work for 64 bit 7 or somthing, i have tried it with my steam cod4 and used a buds cd version and still it does absolutely nothing, punkbusterb just uncheacks it self and i get kicked even if i minimize after joining a server and go back in it unchecks again, its frustrating.


Thanks for the update it is working now.


now i see the services, but i still get kicked after a few mins with the API thing. =( although i always apply the fix when i run cod4


I just tried it and got booted pretty much immediately… :(


So does it work or not?


tried it all, re-installed punkbuster enabled the options in both services. still not working! win 7 64bit


Hey – i’m still looking into why it works for some and not for others.

i’m starting to suspect that it doesn’t work for 64-bit.

i’m going to re-install Windows 7 32-bit, try it out again and then install a new copy of Windows 7 64-bit.

It could also be that it’s the upgrade to Ultimate that’s doing it. Again, another step i’m going to test.

It would be good if people would mention the SKU they’re running (32-bit? 64-bit? Home Premium? Ultimate).

Anyways, am still working on it! Thanks for the feedback.


Well it’s not working for me and I am on 64-bit.


hey guys, I tried the tip, and it works

I’ve found that after 20 minutes or so that checkbox that says “Allow service to interact with desktop” becomes unchecked for some reason

So this is what I did:

First I reinstalled pb from the website (manual)
Then I make sure that checkbox is checked in the services for both “PnkBstr A” and “PnkBstr B”

Then I start the game up…and every 10-20 minutes I alt-tab out of the game and go to services, and right lick “PnkBstr A” and select “restart”

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not restart PnkBstr B or else you will get kicked! from the server.

Of course, this is a pain sometimes…but in a multiplayer game, it’s not that bad and it’s worth it to play without punkbuster kicking you.

I’m guessing there’s gotta be a way to write a program that automatically restarts “PnkBstr A” every 10 minutes or so and makes sure the checkbox that says “Allow service to interact with Desktop” for “PnkBstr B” is checked.

I’ve tested this method for almost 1 hr now and the game still runs fine.

I’m using Windows 7 32bit version and I’ve been playing cod4.

Thanks Brian!

(i probably won’t be checking this website that often but I can be contacted through my website)


Hey Chess,

what we need to do is to set the service (PnkBstrA/B), located in SysWOW64 so that it per default has that box checked.

To do that, i believe we need to edit the registry now…

need to find out how to set it so that those two services not only has VISTARTM and RUNASADMIN in their values…


i have thought of a batch file that automates this…

it is here

this is a proof of concept so if you can check and post if it works or not…


I’ve been playing BF2 – prolly an hour of play. no probs at all.

I can’t remember if i ran the manual PB services install as Administrator or not.

I’m testing it on Windows 7 Beta Ultimate 32bit.


do it quick pls ;)


okay mr Brian Madsen…

the registry file you are looking for is here

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PnkBstrB\type to the value 272 (which means run as a system account and have interaction with desktop…)


Hey Dark, thanks for that – will try it out tonight and hopefully that should sort out the service restarting without it checked :)



Even with both A and B definitely on interact with desktop whilst in game; I still get kicked with the API error 131152. Is there no hope for us x64 users at all?


forgot to say that in hexadecimal the value is 0x110 as this is a DWORD….


OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Ever since I started running the .CMD Script posted on the Seven Forums, I’m now alternating between three different errors.

1: Disallowed Program/Drive
2: General PB Authentication Error
3: Unknown Windows API Function

I also changed the delay in the script from 600, to 300. On 600 I was always getting ‘Unknown Windows API’.

Sounds like its a possibility of timing the restart of the service?


Also, if COD5 is fully working with Windows 7, what are the differences between the two versions of Punkbuster? That might be a clue.


Hi guys…

I’m reading all the post with great interest!…
As for me, COD4 is the only game for me out there, and W7 beta is running smoothly!…

Can’t seem to understand EvenBalance don’t wanna make a patch or so to fix the problem, Isn’t the meaning of a beta release, that it is to be testet in any possible way? And when W7 finally gets released, we don’t have to wait for month of a new PB release.

Well… that was just some of my thoughts…
Now to the real question =)

Can someone to a quick round-up of wich combos work? I’m thinking 32bit? 64bit? Ultimate? Fixes and so on…6



win7-32 / game: et:true combat

done admin pivilages and vista compatibility on all services, also changed the type value at registry. punkbuster keeps kicking due 131331 error… please work this out guys!


Still no real progress on this one….damn!!!!!

Guys, i’m working on finding a combo that works – so far it seems that the majority of systems where the fix does work are 32-bit, rather than 64-bit.

But, that being said, there’s also some 64-bit systems where it does work – hence the prolonged time for the fix as well as some of the conflicting scenarios.

Re-installed everything last night and switched to 32-bit – will run totally barebone for the time being and just concentrate on finding the combination that works.

sorry guys…


I’ve had no luck with BF2 on 32bit win7. Does the “b” service only show up when the game is running? When I view services without the game running I only see pnkbstrA, no B.


Sounds great Brian…

Nice to see some real dedication!…

Keep the nice work going, a whole community out there will be thankfull when you finally find a fix!…

Hopefully soon… :o)


I do not think your going ot get anywhere working with the services or trying various Admin levels for fixing the API error. This pretty much points to PB executing or trying to execute a command which Win7x64 doesn’t support thus PB crashes thinking it’s running on a hacked machine.

Good luck trying but my money is on calling and emailing EA and scream at them for including such a lame POC software which is so poorly supported. I have had nothing but problems with PB even when running XP 32bit and AA which of course the PB support guys always blamed on my system, then silently fixed the bug over the next few days.


Ok, I got something figured out.

After reading you guy’z posts and I’m running the 64-bit Windows 7 I noticed. PkBstrB doesn’t run consitiatly the only one that does is PkBstrA.
The fix is indeed the “Allow service to interact with desktop” under the log On tab.

The only problem is PkBsrtB refresh’s it self, at one point I got to where I was constantly checking PkbsrtB and sure enough A would stay checked but B would not.

Every time I would catch up unchecked and if I checked it fast enough I was ok to play but sure enough when I would get kicked B would be unchecked.

The permanentfix would rely on a script that makes PkbsrtB check “allow service to interact with Desktop” every single time it decides to refresh it self ( it literally leaving the service queue and comes back)

Hope this helps please keep trying guy’s I really want to play this with this Windows 7.


No luck here with BF2 on 32bit win7. I’ve just about giving up trying to find a fix or at least a work around. I get API error 131133. To answer the question above does “b” service only show up when the game is running ? For me that’s the only time it shows up.


Well I stand corrected it appears. I was able to get BF2 to run for well over an hour by doing a variation of the above on Win7 x64.

First off go get the PB setup from:

Save it to the Desktop, don’t run it. After saving right click, Run As Admin, reinstall, install or uninstall, whichever it will let you do based on what it sees is installed.

Next make the changes listed above to allow the two PB services to Interact with Desktop. Now run your game, BF2 in my case.

Now after you have had your fun go back into your services and your PB-B is probably missing (refresh if needed). You got it you have to redo all the above the next time you want to play.

I played “TargetTimmy” or something like that which is a PB enabled server for well over an hour with no problems. Again this was on Win7x64. No failure in the API or driver crashes.


“I opened each of the service properties and looked at Log On. Saw a little checkbox which stated “Allow this service to interact with the desktop” – checked it and tried to run COD4 Multiplayer.”

I did this, but after 5 seconds it’ s no more checked.

Brandon Starr

Hey guys try doing a petition at to try to get punkbuster to support the Windows 7 beta!!!


I wonder if it’s not a 32 vs 64 issue and perhaps an Nvidia vs ATi issue? I have no basis for this I’m just throwing ideas about.


Signing the petition is a good start….. also use this link (BELOW) to hassle them (I did) about this problem. It is easy for them to make a fix and the more of us they ignorantly snubb, then the more they potentially stand to lose when the public voice is heard by games developers who may choose not to use PB in the future. Instead they will choose other countermeasures companies. Seriously – these guys need to know how many of us are angry about their lack of help and continuous dissmissal of ys W7 Beta users!
Write to this Link:

Brandon Starr

Well I am running a 64 bit version of windows 7 with the new Nvidia drivers and punkbuster still boots me.


The petition and opening tickets at evenbalance are a waste of time PB could care less what you think, they get paid by EA and others, not you.

Call, write, email EA and tell them they can forget about you buying another EA game that requires PB as PB is useless, buggy and provides no level of support for even current OS’s let alone the follow up to MS’s disaster, Vista.

I’m about to go play again using my hacked up reinstall of PB, Local Interact and see if I can play again tonight without a crash or if last night was a fluke.


Yep 64-bit Nvidia here and no fix works for me.


anyone ever thought about turning off User account control that is how i got COD2 to run in vista beta without being kicked so maybe it is the same here…


hey guys, i’m also experiencing the same problems on COD4/5 64-bit, one thing i have noticed is that whenever you start an online game the PnkbstrB service is started, stops, and then for some reason uninstalls itself. During all of this my screen goes blank aswell (sunno if that is related)


Okay guys…

i’ve had different luck with it – i tried the following:

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
– 25 minutes gaming then kicked for invalid driver

Windows 7 32-Bit Ultimate
– couldn’t get past unknown windows api function

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
– played for 1hr successfully. After game restart kept getting kicked for invalid driver (can’t reproduce)

Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium
– had a mix here. sometimes windows api function would kick me, other times invalid driver kicks

I’m now going to throw all the fixes into the mix and see what i can get..

sorry about the delay – will definitely keep working on this.

thanks for all the comments and suggestions – am going to try all of them as well.


solved pb problem with bf2142 on my Windows7 32Bit machine:

1) “Allow service to interact with desktop” for PnkBstr Services
2) Set compatibility option “Run Program as Administrator” for C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\BF2142\pb\[PnkBstrA.exe | PnkBstrB.exe]

Don’t know if this will work for other games too.


Yea, i just exactly wanted to write the same as the guy above me. BF2142 now works like a charm using these both tricks :) although in the mentioned folder there is just the “PnkbstrB” file for me.

I love Win7 and I guess I will stick with now.


Tried all the above tricks and BF2142 still kicks me after 10-20 seconds on Windows Seven Beta 1 x64. Nvdia card.

I can stay in longer using the ‘allow to interact with desktop’ setting but as others have said this keeps resetting itself.


well… punkbuster at QUAKE LIVE @ win7-32 do not kick… infact there is no problem and of course way more fps… maybe whole kicking is older or not well coded games :)


This post is for the windows 7 64Bit ultimate version.

The problem in punkbuster when running COD4 seems to be that the punkbuster B service is not running while the game is not running, for making the punkbuster B to work you have to run the game.

The actual problem is that the CheckBox on the punkbuster B gets unchecked less then 1 minut into the game play.

If a scrip can be written for that issue it will be great.

I have traied to post that issue into the PunkBuster website but i could not find where can i post an issue. if you know how to contact punkbuster team please do so and inform them about all the windows 7 issue.

I know, i know that is a beta, but still if we are making an effort trying to test this OS we the gamers should have a chance testing the system under our demands & needs. punkbuster should support our efforts,as this testing is not just for microsoft its for punkbuster as well.


I have messaged punkbusters about it and they quite blatantly said they do not support beta OS’s and wont either…..
So it is up to someone who knows how to program well to make a fix for us all……please anyone


tive esse problema e o q resolveu foi eu desinstalar o jogo e tudo sobre o punkbuster
reinstalar e atualizar o punkbuster manual.
na localização do punkbuster adiconar pb.
exemplo: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\pb\


So first night with my reinstall fix I played for well over an hour with no errors. The next night I could not get BF2 to run even 5 mins in a PB multi game as PB-B would reset.

I have thought about setting permissions on the PB exe so the system had no access to it as well as running it in comp. mode, either might help.

In the long run the only thing that will fix this is to get EA to start calling Evenbalance as only EA has the pull with them. Other option would be to start running servers without PB enabled for all the Win7 folks.


If the problem doesn’t occur until sometime after an install of Windows 7, perhaps the issue is a Windows update?


eddcubby(from win7 forum)say:

it is not 7 is skinning the game exe’s,that’s why the kick.disable visual themes in the games exe.had that problem with windowsblinds and cod4,had to make an exception in windowsblinds not to skin it.someone try it and post i said played for over 2 hours not one problem.


@ Pez,

tried it – made the change to both the gaming .exe’s, the PB services (A,B and pbsrv).

no go..still not working..


Could the issue be DirectX 11? After all DX is an API and Punkbuster won’t have ever seen 11 before.


@ tharrison

It could’nt be because other games that use punkbuster as well do not suffer this issue, for example: COD5 works fine


nah, because you can fix the API kick issues, you just can’t fix the driver kick issue.


I have tried everything which was posted here.. Doesn’t work , i get kicked out from CoD:UO and CoD4 with same error – Unknown Windows API Function [131152]. I have tried on Windows 7 Ultimare 64 bit. I think i’ll go back to Vista…

Troy (aka AoXMyBaLLz)

I am running Windows7 Beta 32bit and can play cod4 with no more api kicks, I am in the process of setting up a 64bit drive to test and see how it does.
(this is how i did the 32bit version also)So i load windows7 then all the updates, then cod4, then the 1.7 patch, then the files from my old xp drive (32bit).
The files are from my old xp drive. i opened c: programs/activision and i copied the mods, pb, players, usermaps, install.txt file, servercache.dat, version.
Result with 64bit is the api error punkbuster kicks me. I do not understand how the windows7 32bit and COD4 works perfectly for me, but the 64bit kicks me when i loaded both the same way.


Please, if you’re having problems with PB on Windows 7, sign this petition!


Well, I formatted and installed 64-bit again but it didn’t work at all. Then I installed 32-bit instead and voila it works stright out. I’ve been on Battlefield 2142 a few times and played full rounds on it and no problems at all. I’ve not installed any Windows updates so far except for the media player corruption patch. I’ll post back if/when I start experiencing issues in future.
P.S. I haven’t been using any fixes at all. Not using run as admin or compatibility mode or interact with desktop; it’s just working straight away.


maybe evanbalance dont know how to fix this xD


So it’s confirmed Windows 32 bit okay with pb even on COD 4, but not on 64 bit?

Miguel Nunes

did it all and still getting kicked from pb for unknown api error 131131, win7 x64


I don’t thing so:)
evenbalance say me:
“I’m sorry, but we do not support beta or release candidate operating systems. We will make sure PB will work together with Windows 7 once it is released.”


Ok – i got it working again.

I installed a new Windows 7 32-bit home premium, turned off windows updates, installed COD4..

Manually installed PunkBuster..

then i set Cod4 to run in Windows Vista compatibility mode, i disabled Visual Themes and ran it as an administrator.

did the same for pbsrv, pnkbstA and pnkbstB.

disabled desktop composition for pnkbstA and pnkbstB.

then i turned UAC notifications all the way down.


played for 2 hours last night and it’s working now.

i haven’t upgraded to Ultimate and i haven’t installed any windows updates (except for the medial player fix).

Strange thing here is that i’ve tried installing a new version of 32-bit home premium before and it still didn’t work.

I have no idea if the order i did things in mattered or if the PB install manually applied mattered..i’m have it working now and i’m not going to re-install any more OS’s for a little while (that’s 5 or 6 complete installs in lesser weeks).


I installed Windows7 32-bit, installed CoD4 and patched it, and it ran with zero problems. I’d tried before and got the Unknown API and drivers kicks from Punkbuster, but this time it worked just fine without me doing anything. I have no idea why, but it’s working just fine now.


The more I mess with this the more PB acts like a rootkit by making changes to system settings when it has no permission to do so.

Example: I removed all rights except for my own user to the PB A/B files as well as the PB Service file in the Windows directory. I then set the Services to run under my account. In no time at all the services were changed back to the Service account and PB B was removed from my services. This is not how a legit program should be acting as nothing should be changing my system settings when only I have rights to those files. This tells me there is another process running underneath that is making the changes just like a rootkit would.

I’ve never liked PB and in watching how it’s playing with my system settings I like it even less. The sooner EA starts using some other service the better.

I've got an idea...

How about EvenBalance just fixes their shit.

Because most of their users are the same people who are going to be trying the game on Win7.


I don’t understand why you had to do all of that in 32-bit. I merely installed 32-bit W7 Ultimate. Turned off UAC and restarted. Installed Battlefield 2142 and then played on it. In the process I only installed the media player update and no other updates. And Punkbuster was perfectly happy.



Use windows7 32bit. I tried with Ultimate 64bit but it keeps kicking me so i switched to the 32bit version. I never got kicked until now (CoD4).

This try deserves a chance :)



the reason i applied all of those were because i’ve recently been trying other ways – plus i’ve done a new OS install 5-6 times in total, both 32 and 64-bit Win7.

It seems that some have problems and some dont. Can’t explain why, just happy it’s working now – i’ll try to upgrade to Ultimate and see if that fails it (can’t see why it would now that it’s working).

After having spoken to several people then it appears that the 32-bit option is the way to go in order to get past the PB kicks – most successes has come from the 32-bit than the 64-bit.


I was getting kicked for the Invalid driver issue, I think I found the fix (32 bit NVIDIA anyway). Go to the nvidia website and download the latest Windows Vista 32bit. I know many of you will say it won’t work, try it, it installs a windows 7 driver. Even says so at the top of the installer. It is a 180 series instead of the standard 170 series that windows 7 installs. A friend and I have both played BF2 on several Punkbuster servers for about 6 hours now. Maybe this will help somebody at least.


An update on my previous post. This also fixed COD4, no more API kicks. Only problem is SLI on this driver DOESN’T work right. It will lock your PC up. But since none of these games really need SLI and this is still beta, its plenty good for me. Hope this helps some of you!


don’t know about any fix, but i unustalled the Brian Madsen creative install, and went with my motherboard audio soundmax and have no problems playing BF2142 at all, i running Windows 7 64Bit, pkbtr works great, I was having nothing but troubles until i got rid of the creative drivers.


Still no fixes for x64 version? :(


Hey everybody i have a 64bit system. I play Bf2 and BF 2142 and i notice that when i play on a 64bit server I dont get kicked by punkbuster.When I play a reguler server get kick in 3mins! don’t know if this help but that what i been doing.


win7 32bit here. Trying like hell to get BF2 working. While this fix did alleviate the API function problem, as the author, now I’m getting disallowed driver/program kick. Tried all recent Nvidia drivers. win7 default driver, 185.20, and the latest WHQL 181.22 (I think) Made pba and pbb both run as admin, tried running BF2 in compatibilty; as admin. No worky… Brian, can you please link some of these clan gaming forums where people made it work? Thanks in advance. Sidenote: can anyone tell us what server side setting lets clients run win7? There are a couple of PB enabled servers that do not kick for the API crap…They are far and few between but they do exist.


How do you know if you’re playing on a x64 server?


my solution is(on win7 COD2) is not a good solution but is work, when the server want kick me I rapidly push ctrl+alt+del to enter in task manager after Esc to come back in the game.
that took me about 3 seconds. its happend about 5 times in 30- 40 seconds.
that a pain in the ass but It dont kick me with API bla bla

maybe u will found a solution with this tip
damn u Punk Buster, I love win 7


if you look by the server name it shows 64 beside it also ican play on linux servers too. look for a lil penguin it too hard to miss


I have the same expiriance with the X64 server! It runs great, but when I enter a 32 server, aim out in a sec. (BF2142)

PR ***

I’ve been having problems with Punkbuster, Project Reality and windows 7 64bit
– Tried all the solutions, and nothing works, getting a : “unknown windows api function 131131″ error

– I’ve read that they’re not interested in fixing this because windows 7 is a “Beta” – if they actually tried windows 7 for themselves they’d realize how fucking awesome windows 7 is, and how they should really focus on fixing punkbuster for windows 7, because windows 7 is a beta, like GMAIL is a beta, thousands of people are using it, and using it effectively.

So until they finally realize this, I guess I can’t play my favorite game. How nice, my enjoyment of a game is stopped by a few assholes who don’t realize how bloody awesome windows 7 is, and what a great opportunity this is to get PB fixed for that OS before everyone starts complaining when it gets released later this year, because EVERYONE will get windows 7, it’s awesome.


well the way i see it is. beta are for try to make it run smoothly when is ship they should find a solution now before it hit the shelf. punkbuster IT Nazi’s


Sorry for my English.
I have Windows 7 x64.I can Play COD4 without kick only version 1.0,punkbuster update without problems,if install any patch I get kick.


Sry my English is verry bad^^
That is my Cod2 Server.IP: Here you can find with all versions of Windows 7 play with the Windows API Problem.Punkbuster is switched on and the server streams to PBBANS.Cod4 servers coming soon.


WTF – I can’t see anywhere in the server browser in 2142 that tells you that a server is x64 bit. Am I being totally dumb, I’ve been playing for over 2 years I’m sure I would have noticed by now.


Tried darkassain’s 0x110 value for the registry… first time it worked for about 15 minutes, but since then keep getting API kicks, 131131, 131132, 131134…
Same issues everyone else is complaining about, and if you set anything for the punkbusterB service, once you run the game it undoes any changes, as if there’s a reference file to which it compares itself and changes back… We all agree pb sucks, heard some EA & RSVP (real simple verification process) rumors… any chance we can get EA to change to that?

Test Monkey

People need to quit blaming EvenBalance. It’s not their fault Microsoft changed the way the system works. MS needs to put out the patch so that the software we have now works in Windows 7.


pb_sv_Restrictions “0” no API kick (Default is 1)



downloaded punk server installed everything works well W7 and BF2142

Brandin Bowler

Copy paste this into notepad

rename to punkbstrfix.bat and make sure it is not a txt file.

net stop PnkBstrA
net start PnkBstrA
timeout 300
GOTO top

then run it before playing games on win 7 and it should fix the issue.


@Test Monkey, oh please. Should we all still be using DOS 3.1?

My statement stands that if I as the System Admin make a change to a service startup no other application has any right in changing that service. Doing so is no better than any Malware or Rootkit.

I have had problems with PB/EB on every game I have played that uses them even on XP. What’s worse is when you submit a ticket to them they will always blame the user or the user’s system until they get a hundred similar complaints or the game vendor calls them on it.


@Brandin Bowler
Nice try, but it does not work with W7 -64bit


C’mon guys, we gotta work this out together… We need a damn solution!


i tried:

net stop PnkBstrA

net start PnkBstrA

timeout 300

GOTO top

But it does not work with W7 x64… i will be forced to install Vista x64 :(


I just played BF2 for about an hour on X64 Windows 7. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily count for anything.

I reinstalled PB and manually updated it, per the instructions at

*and* I’m running the tool from

*and* I’ve got a batch file remerging the edited HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PnkBstrB|PnkBsterB keys every 300 seconds (I set them to 272, then exported each)



regedit /s pba.reg
regedit /s pbb.reg

timeout 300

GOTO top

*and* I’ve set PnkBstrB.exe, as well as BF2 itself, to run as admin

I don’t know if it’ll last, but like I said, it did seem to work. No API errors as I was getting.


what i doing? if i played CoD2 – and PB kicking me … on 131131, 131133, 131134, 131136

??? waiting on new PB? or u have any FIX?


It act like a virus on x64 ;p Even if I set the service to complete READ ONLY on the registry for all users (Even Admin cant access it to write anymore) it restores its normal configuration…. this give me thoughts about the Win7 security concept ;|


@Kralik, above you have the answer to your questions….

Pankbuster sucks!!!


yea PB sucks :D .. but I must play CoD2 :) I need fix or upgrade PB :/


I must play AA… i what? Nothing. :(


Success with BF2 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64. Unfortunately I didn’t do this very methodically so I can’t tell what really fixed it.

I made the change in services, updated punkbuster, ran PB processes as administrator in compatibility mode, giving them “full control” permissions, and ran a script that restarted PB every 100 seconds. The last may most important as I was still getting kicked when the timeout was set to 300.


punkbuster needs to get this Security Level Deleted!

so what is the Windows API cannot be detected


Does anyone besides me wonder if PB is an extortion method? I ask myself, “What’s to prevent someone bad from paying for PB membership and getting on PB games?”.
I could use use some feedback before paying to join PB.


i ran a test on pb services and this was the result.
Starting PunkBuster Service Tests (v0.986) (02/19/09 07:08:15)
Checking OS
Windows NT 6.0 (build 6000) 64-bit
Checking PnkBstrA service status RUNNING
Checking PnkBstrA Version OK (1029)
Extracting “PnkBstrB.exe” to:
Checking firewall settings OFF
Is PnkBstrA explicitly allowed?
C:\Windows\system32\PnkBstrA.exe NO
Is PnkBstrB explicitly allowed?
C:\Windows\system32\PnkBstrB.exe NO
Checking if PnkBstrB is running RUNNING
Manually stopping PnkBstrB STOPPED
Getting port for PnkBstrA OK (44301)
Opening socket for packet send OK
Sending version packet to PnkBstrA SENT
Receiving version from PnkBstrA OK
Received 6 bytes from
Response = 9031 (ms) Version = v1029
Getting PnkBstrB install instance OK
Sending start packet to PnkBstrA SENT
Waiting for packet from PnkBstrA OK
Received 3 bytes from
Response = 13422 (ms) PnkBstrB started.
Watching for PnkBstrB instance change (1) CHANGED (2)
Getting port for PnkBstrB OK (45301)
Sending version packet to PnkBstrB SENT
Receiving version from PnkBstrB OK
Received 5 bytes from
Response = 3281 (ms) Version = 2057
Checking PnkBstrK driver status NOT FOUND
Manually stopping PnkBstrB STOPPED
Removing test PnkBstrB file OK

Tests finished.

should PnkBstrA & B be explicitly allowed? maybe this is the problem? also it shows os to be NT 6 build 6000. im running W7 build 7000


It seems that the problem might be down to directx, because I was playing CoD2 earlier. All fine, I switched to directx 7 in game. And I was getting kicked for unknown windows API


Hey guys we’re workin with the problem too over at seven forums.

from my personal experience i’ve noted some things
1. Pnkbstr B only appears durring game play and quits afterwards (which removes the allow to interact with desktop tick mark

2. while in game Pnkbstr B refreshes itself

So I have two ideas.
1. Put a stop on the refresh of itself
2. Find a way to keep the tick mark checked. Schools modify windows all the time to make sure students cant use task manager and services and half the control pannel. Couldnt we use that kind of software to disable the editing of its own properties?


BF2 is still working fine for me. played a lot of time.

Windows 7 Beta Ultimate 32bit.

gl folks :)


I wonder if the Data Execution Protection (DEP) may be causing some errors with punkbuster and Windows 7. Just a thought…I’m not a computer guru.


I’m from Russia and forgive my English plz. I have Windows 7 64bit and I played CoD5 many weeks without any prob. But tonight Windows autoupdate last KB967335, 540,062 and KB963660. And wtf? I can’t play. I have PB kick 131132. Maybe problem in this updates? Good luck Brian Madsen, we need your help lol


Sorry Leo, i tried uninstalling the updates and rolling back to an older restore point. It did not work.


I seem to have the same problem, i’ve tried all fixes listed, and still get kicked after around 10 seconds. I’m guessing there will be an update to windows 7 later on down the road that will not list errors.


Anyone can play BF2 on Win7 32bits ??? If so pls tell what i can do…..


Windows 7 64bit

Got it to work by doing the following:

* Enable Vista compabitility for PnkBstrA/B.exe in c:\windows\syswow64 and c:\users\\appdata\local\punkbuster.
* Running above files with administrator rights.
* Enable Vista compabitility for C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty – World at War\CoDWaWmp.exe
* Run CoDWaWmp.exe _without_ administrator rights

no kick here either30min online on a punkbuster server



ok it wont work with cod4.


Sorry, Does not work with Battlefield 2142 Windows 7 x64 build 7048

–PnkBstrA/B services interactive on/off
–PnkBstrA/B vista compatibility w/ Admin Rights (all Locations)
–program.exe Vista Compatibilty on w/ Admin Rights on/off.

Keep trying guys…


My Error changed.

First I had 131152 and when U put all pnkA/pnkB files to admin and vista compatibility I have 131131


Got the same error on Win 7 x64 (Build 7000). I have the API funtion error with 131131 most of the time, but the last 2 or 3 characters can change every now and then. This is with CoD4 (strangely BF2 runs fine :s )

Odd thing is I can run CoD 5 without errors for as long as I like, so the error cannot just be with Windows. There has to be an erroneous call from most likely PnkBstrB process.

Will be installing Win 7 x64 (B 7048) soon in dual boot with Win XP x64 as a comparison. None of that Vista bollocks on my machine ;)

Also the PnkBstrB process should definitely not be able to alter its settings without the permission to do so. This is totally in breach of privacy regs and does come under the moniker of virus.


Well after trying a few things I have to agree with the guy who made the PBtoolv1 and conclude that whatever is resetting PnkBsterB to the 10 setting when it should be 110 is causing this issue on Win 7 x64.

Also WHY THE HELL CAN IT ALTER PERMISSIONS TO MY REGISTRY once I as the admin have set them. That is something that it should not be able to do.


Don’t do anything with the registry, go to c:\users\\appdata\local\punkbuster\COD4\pb now right klick on PnkBstrA.exe and choose the tab “compatibility” and now just check “run this program as an administrator”.
Do the same with PnkBstrB.exe.
Now go to Services and scroll down untill you find PnkBstrB, double click on it and disable it and stopp it, play cod4mp i normal mode and enjoy!;)
This worked with Windows 7 7048 32bits, updated pb, and with cod4 patch 1.7.


Cant find pnkBstrA.exe -.- somebody help me.


Now i’ve read the entire post from inseption, and can’t belive that punkbuster really has that much control over my cpu. I’ve gone through all of these attemps and have atained only a temporary fix using w7 x64 ultimate. windows 7 is amazing and should be given more attention from punkbuster.



all of it??? woah, that takes some serious dedication :)

i agree as well, but afaik all attempts to bring this to the PB team has been met with the same response – “we don’t support beta operation systems”..

i’m sure they’ll get to it once Win7 gets closer, but it could simply be a case of they’re too busy with other things right now.

doesn’t make it right though – agree with that..they should focus more on this now, rather than wait till it’s all out…


hi guys, i fixed punkbuster kicks and api errors: first set run as administrator under compatibility tab of the game desktop link. second copy PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe from folder sysdrive\Windows\SysWOW64 to sysdrive\Windows\System32.
this work for me under windows 7.0000 64bit

i also fixed “no original dvd in drive” error with a sata dvd-rw: disable ata/sata controller and enable native sata on 1-3 ports (sata dvd must be on sata 2 master). install windows 7 (or reinstall owned win version): work perfectly.
i hope this can help someone
have good times


i think we should tell ea to stop using punk buster or at least force them to give us technical support


This worked perfect for me I have windows 7 build 7048 64bit played on it for an hour no api messages

Don’t do anything with the registry, go to c:\users\\appdata\local\punkbuster\COD4\pb now right klick on PnkBstrA.exe and choose the tab “compatibility” and now just check “run this program as an administrator”.

Do the same with PnkBstrB.exe.

Now go to Services and scroll down untill you find PnkBstrB, double click on it and disable it and stopp it, play cod4mp i normal mode and enjoy!;)

This worked with Windows 7 7048 32bits, updated pb, and with cod4 patch 1.7.


None of these have worked for Win 7 7042 32bit updated pd and 1.7

All directions for each “resolution” followed. Continues API PB kick.


Evenbalance should go bankrupt. Punkbuster doesn’t prevent cheaters enough to be worth it, and now I have to use Windows Vista instead of Windows 7 because of them.

Anyone know how to contact to plea with Activision to never use punkbuster in the future?


I installed the new Nvidia drivers for my card and havnt had an issue yet. Dont quote me on it, but so far so good. Ill let you guys know further info


both cod2 and cod4 seems to be working for me with ^^ fix. No PB kicks..

Running win7 32bit, build7057


What fix is ^^?

What about for ATI?


Have read all posts here but still no one of these her worked for me

I have win7 7000 64 Bit with nvidia 181.71 Driver.

eric> This does not worked for me.It does kick me for Driver.

scarey3> Its not working. He still kick me for API function.

Is there an other Fix which we can try?? Please God :D


Window 7 32 bit – Battlefield 2142 would start expect when loading into the game Battlefied 2142 would stall and crash, So I ran all the fix and some and installed Nvidva 181 beta driver after downloading it from their web site, don’t use window update it doesn’t work as well. Those who useing 64-bit it not only punk busters for being lazy a lot of software venderd are slow
updating their software to 64-bit. The problem is not window 7 it running 64 bits.


from what i have read it looks like punk buster is out to get us as the service pnkbstrB is downloaded every time you join a server and every time you hit alt tab, this feels like a counter measure against windows 7 gamers who got it working.
on another note now my game just freezes and tries to show me a windows error message that the process has stopped working but when i hit ctrl alt del or alt tab to try and bring it up it disappears and closes the process
FYI: i have windows 7 ultimate 32 bits and BETA drivers for vista from Nvidia.


Window 7 32 bit Nvidia 181.71 driver, I had problem when my game was loading it freeze and the game would crash I did all the fix still not working until I went to Nvidia web site and downloaded window 7 beta driver , using window update driver doesn’t work too will.

Punkbuster is garbage

This punkbuster / windows7 fiasco is preventing me from buying cod4. When punkbuster is preventing consumers from buying games they are 100 times worse than the hackers they are supposed to be stopped. Punkbuster and all companies supporting them should be boycotted


I’m beginning to feel my money is wasted on games that support PB. I’m using Windows 7 build 7022 and everything works absolutely flawless, except for PB. I have tried ‘all’ of the run as admin fixes, have tried each and every compatibility, I have all the latest drivers for everything (and i have even tried different versions with no luck), I have also tried running scripts and that doesnt seem to work either. This is really getting old – Error = Unknown API function 131132


hi matt i used to get api error 131132 and what fixed it was setting the pnkbstrA to be allowed to intract with desktop try it and let us know how it goes ok


tried everything on this post, the comments as well as others. no luck. i always get an api error within 3 or 4 minutes. i’m using build 7057 x64 :(


Right i am getting p’ed off trying to play COD5 but keep getting API Kick 131134 i have Cod 5 on steam.

getting to the point now when i am thinking why bother….. Dont get me wrong like the game and love windows 7 but the lack of support is a pain…

HELP anyone ?????


Eyal – what error do you get? many are saying here that they have 131132 but i have 131152. I am useing same build of windows 7 and nothing works.


class action law suit. just need enough sigs. any lawers want to take this on??


Punkbuster are the punks! I would dearly love to kick them in the backside for the hours of fiddling around, not just with Win 7 but every other OS as well. All the other software companies are using the beta period to release their own Win 7 versions of their software and get the bugs out but Evenbalance don’t respect the people who pay their wages (us!) enough.


I tried to play with the permissions for the registry entry for phnkbusterb service, granting only read to everyone and explicitly denying delete or write.

It didn’t work the game was able somehow to delete the keys and change and create a new one with the new values.

This is so F annoying!


I dont think punkbuster stop’s cheaters very well anyway, they should just get rid of it.

fed johnson

no luck with any of these fixes with windows 7 x64

cod5 runs smooth and lovely unfortunately those punk buster fuckwits are spoiling my attempt to game

good luck guys


Just upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 7048 x64 Beta after my Vista Ultimate x64 version trashed the MBR on my hard drive (‘NTLDR is missing’ error for anyone who has had it).

I’m getting the same issue as many;

Call of Duty 4
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (build 7048)
nVidia 181.71 beta drivers for GeForce 8800 GT

Everything running like a dream in Windows 7, but then try to use CoD4 and get kicked out of any Punkbuster enabled server for the ‘Unknown Windows API Function 131152′ (this code might not be correct, not sure if it changes).

I’ve not yet tried any of the fixes suggested in this forum (only just read the whole thing from start to finish). If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I really don’t want to go back to Vista, but the only game I play is CoD4, so if I can’t play that….. it might be a necessary evil.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed something so far to trying to get this error fixed!


Hi guys,

Following on from my previous post, I’ve not gotten home and had a chance to try some of the tricks out suggested on this thread, indeed, it seems that none of them work, although adjusting the properties in the PnkBstrA & PnkBstrB services does seem to extend the playing time.

One thing I’ve noticed which I thought i’d throw out there is that when I was using Vista, the Aero visual theme would be automatically disabled when the game launched, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Windows 7 – could this be part of the culprit? For whatever reason, the Aero theme being enabled causes Punkbuster to think there is some sort of hack in use?

This is backed up by the fact that users on other OS such as XP and Vista have had the same issue when trying to run CoD4 with Windows Blinds running….. same error message anyway.

Dunno, just thought it was worthe mentioning. I can’t wait for this to get fixed!



Hmmmmm… chuck stones may be onto something, sounds reasonable.


On 64bit W7, I am getting the visual theme change when launching 2142.

So far none of the other hacks work thus far.


Hi all,

I tried some of the solutions posted here, but none did it for me.

Today i stumbled upon a solution on a Dutch tech-site. Post dated: Tuesday 13 Jan 2009 ..

Think it’s clean and simpel and it worked for me. Hope it will work for someother people too :)

The trick there suposed is to run Punkbuster in Vista compatibility mode. To do this, go to your PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe files (4) For me they are in the map: c:\windows\syswow64 and in the map: c:\users\***\appdata\local\punkbuster

Go to properties and change to Vista compatibility mode. Thats it. Tried it now for time (1 hour ;) ) but no kick yet.
Good luck all.

Oh yeah, for those wo are using the 32 version (like me, i just translated the original post :) ) 1st map is c:\windows\system32 2nd one the same.



I tried the fix posted right above and it does not work with Vista Compatibility mode. Maybe XP Service Pack 2 compatibility could work? Prolly not.

I did not set the 4 files to ‘run as administrator’ with the compatibility check box coz I think it’d bung up on a reboot that way coz of UAC.


I wish it was that easy. That’s one of the first fixes I tried and it never worked for me. I’m using build 7068 x64.

I hope that when the official RC will be release, PB will finally decide to support it.


FYI I just installed the new 1.4 patch for COD5 hoping it would make a difference, but it didn’t.


Not working for cod5 win7 7077


Tried all of the above still kicks me out with a 131132 API error


Beer4COHO’s post is what worked for me also. Im running 64bit CODWAW. I do have to set pnkbstrB.exe to interact with the desktop each time i start up the game. But other than that i just played for two hours and it worked great.

Helder Neves

My problem is , i put vista compatible , and +/- 100m , iw3mp.exe stop working . . .

i put pb_sv_Restrictions “0” (and never kick me)..

Any help?

Jeppe Lykke

Firstly i found out that the punkbuster services was not installed correctly, so someone made a link to a fil that reinstall it. That fixed the problem with services, later i found out PB diden install that 2 .exe files so the game crashed as soon as PB was about to load, copyed the 2 .exe files from old backup and it now runs perfectly setting the services logon to Act with desktop.

So huge thanx from:
Jeppe Lykke, Denmark

Chris ( Cptn_Bullshit)

Am using win 7 build 7000 and have tried all of the above then yesterday I installed AMD Fusion which shuts down alll the background opperations blah blah to speed up gaming apps . Dont know why have not been too deep into it yet but since then cod 4/5 bf2/2142 all runing fine no unknown api kicks W()()t great news for those of us with AMD cpu’s


You can play BF2 fine with 64bit win7, BUT, you can only play on 64bit servers, and linux servers. IF you join a regular (32bit) server, you will get the API kick… Tested this with BF2, and SF expansion. I would have to assume that 2142 is gonna be the same. Cod WAW runs fine, dont know WTF the problem is with evenbalance/Ea/Microsoft, as far as BF2 goes…


Screwtech, any other tweaks to get yours to work? Or just join 64bit servers?


I have Windows 7 Beta Build 7077 x86, was able to get COD4 working perfectly on my 7000 build with the original fix. But now I get the PnkBstrB service resetting itself, unticking “Interact with Desktop”.
Read and tried everything on this page in order, reverse and sideways….with no luck.

Has anyone got some new ideas or something that might help?


Chris, what settings are you using for your AMD Fusion profile?


Not sure what has changed in the last 48 hours, but I can play COD5 again on my 7 x64 (7068).

After trying every single “fix” I found on the net I gave up on it 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I just gave it a try again and I haven’t been kicked once.

My PB client is still the same and nothing has changed on my system. Maybe there was an update on the server side? I’m just happy I can play again.


me too, i upgraded from windows vista ultimate SP1 x86 to Windows 7 build 7077 x86, and played CoD5 for half an hour and nothing happened, no blocks from PB or anything! i tried a “fix” somewhere in the middle of this blog and it worked!


I wonder if PB has started working on a fix since RC1 is going to be released first week of May? I guess I’ll try a reinstall to see if issue has been fixed. Wish me luck!


With RC1, Punkbuster just seems to work.

Windows 7 RC (build 7100)

No difference in Windows 7 RC.


They probably won’t start working on a fix, they said there is no support for win7 until it’s released.


well i have tried it all now and none of it will work on Windows7 RC1 BUILD 7100 64 bit.
the interact with desktop seems to be the only thing that will make it work at all for short periods of time (15min to 2 hours) and then you have to recheck the box.
So far as I can tell is PunkBuster BLOWS!!
I seriously cant believe they are being as big a butt as they are about this and telling everyone tobad so sorry we dont support it.


Man, Ive tried all of this stuff including the batch files and fixes and still cant find a resolution. I hope they get this fixed soon. Im Running Win 7 Ultimate x64 and COD4. If anyone finds a fix let us know!


As I mentioned in my last post, COD5 started working again without me changing anything on my end.

I did a clean install of the RC (7100) this weekend and COD5 is still working.


i upgraded to build 7100 RC1, and CoD5 still works! =)


dude i don’t know how many times its been said but this issues is only really occurring for windows 7 64bit and COD4…

The other Games like CODWAW and BF2 are having different and intermittent problems.


i have CoD4 too and its not working, only CoD5

(im using 32-bit)


OS: Windows 7 build 7057, 64 bit.
Game: Quake Live
Fix: Set run as admin compatibility mode on PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe which reside in Windows\System32
Yes there are these 2 exes in SysWOW64 but the services referred to the System32 ones.
Make a .bat (or .cmd) file with the following lines:

sc config PnkBstrA type= own type= interact
sc config PnkBstrB type= own type= interact
timeout 60
goto start

Save the file and run it as admin before running the game.
Worked for me on quake live. Without the fix I got booted out every 2 minutes. Now I tested for around 20 and no kick.


@Amir: COD5 had the same issues COD4 had up until 3-4 weeks ago.


About my earlier fix:
Sometimes the PnkBstrB service is missing so the sc command will give an error, that is natural. You need both lines for it to work.


Hey guys,

What I did for CoD 5 was this:

I actually found the Activision Directory in my C drive, from there I right clicked on it and hit properties for the folder.

Click on Security and make sure your Admin, Users and Trusted installer have full rights to the directory. That should automatically grant access to everything else in the directory.

Just as an extra thing I did, I also downloaded this file from Punkbuster and put it in my /pb folder.

Everything works like a charm and I’m not getting any more errors. Nothing else works unless you give the folder full admin rights.

Good luck!


try the following

PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe in the map c:\windows\syswow64 and in the map c:\users\***\appdata\local\punkbuster running in compatibility mode (vista)


@Deimiso – Tried your fix and no go. I even tried running the timer as short as 5 seconds and still no luck.

This is with Build 7100 RC x64 and CoD4


Hi im use win 7 Build 7100 rc x32 and cod 4 and tried evryfing and pb is kik me im try to subscribe pb !! Plese help !!


Hey i was reading about a fix a guy got for BF and i gave it a go with a small twist with Cod4. And it seemed to work. Go into

C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\COD4\pb\[PnkBstrA.exe | PnkBstrB.exe]

Right click each, go compatibility, “run XP service pack 2″ and “run as admin”

That seems to be working for me. Could just be luck. Ill keep playing and come back with how it works

Nick Whittome


Drop me a mail… I am also working on this.

Nick Whittome


i always get kicked after 10-15 sec’s
After using vistasp1 compability on codmw_mp.exe i get kicked after 15 min
u guys try that
Using Vista SP1 Compabily on the games executable


Hmm, Ive changed all my .exe to Vista SP1 compability and tried the interact with desktop, and run as admin on both the pbA and pbB and Battlefield 2, CoD4 and CoD5.

I’m running Win7 7100.

I am getting kicked on both BF2 and CoD4, but not at CoD5 any more.

Ive noticed that CoD5 dont use pbB? Is that right, and might have something to do with this problem?



Have anybody come up with an solution too this problem yet?? Have tried all the solutions above…

I am using windows 7 32 bit..


My solution works 100% just make sure you do exactly as I did. The problem lies where PB can’t write to the director and will eventually kick you out. Have to make sure the users that I listed above have full control!


I tried your solution Mystic, and it did not work.. All user have full control and pb kicked me after 5 seconds.. I have rc 7100 and im playing bf2142…


Tried every one of the fixes on W7 64 and no go.


Mystic what verision of windows are you running?


it doesnt work for build 7100 or Official RC, i tried everything. I hope there will be a solution…

PunkBuster sucks… it`ll be nice that games use another anticheat software…


Windows 7 RC (build 7100) 64bit – Punkbuster – Call of Duty 4

Getting kicked for “PB Kick: Unknown Windows API Function [1311**]” ?

Make sure UAC is turned off before doing this! (and you’ve restarted since doing so). Ensure all traces of PB are uninstalled before doing this… even if you uninstall COD 4 through Windows you will need to manually delete the folder from x86 program filed.

1. Install Call of Duty, but click no to installing Punkbuster.
2. When this has finished, run pbsvc.exe from the disk.
3. Downloaded pbsetup from the even balance website. If you already have it downloaded, delete everything but the .exe from the folder its in.
4. Run pbsetup and choose the install directory for COD 4 (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare)

Check these two locations… There will be two new folders in the below locations, and the files in each should be the same:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\pb

5. Copy your ‘players’ folder (if you saved it from your previous build) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

6. Run the game, and enter a multiplayer pnkbuster game. Chances are you will be kicked after not long, wait till this if you can to exit the game.

7. Check again in the file locations i mentioned before, and you’ll notice some different files:

FROM C:\Users\jimbonbon\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\COD4\pb
COPY pbsv.dat, PnkBstrA.exe, PnkBstrB.exe, and PnkBstrK.sys
TO C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\pb

FROM C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\pb
COPY pbcl.db, pbns_c.dat, and the ‘scrnshot’ folder
TO C:\Users\jimbonbon\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\COD4\pb

You should have the same stuff in both directories now.

Right click all instances of PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe and set to run as admin (to be honest I think it will work fine without doing this, but its what i did)

Try running the game now…

Hope this works for you, post back if it does, it certainly did for me! Feel free to pass this on, just don’t forget to mention my name ;-)


Two hours and its now failed :-(

So close.


Hey Guys, i am running win7 build 7100 rc1 64bit Ultimate and the following solution worked fully for me (i tried nearly everything i could ever mention, but this seems to work with cod 4):If you want to try this “fix”, first BACKUP your WHOLE registry for safety reasons! First i made all PnkBstr.exes (A and B!)on my Computer (in Windows/sysWOW64 and in User/Appdata/Local/Punkbuster/Cod4/pb run in Vista Compatibility mode (the mode without any Service packs) and also checked run as administrator for them. Additionally, i copied the PnkBstr.exe´s (A and B) from sysWOW64 to system32 and to the cod 4 pb folder above. Remember: all those exes must run in compatibility mode and as administrator! Then i added “Everyone” with full control to the permission tab of the Punkbuster folder located in User/Appdata/Local. Now i started the task manager, the services overview and started the task “regedit”. I changed the following stuff: In HkeyLocalMachine/SYSTEM/controlset01/services i found only the PnkbstrA entrie. I changed the imagepath from system32 to syswow64 and deleted the bottom WOW entrie. Did the same for the PnkbstrB entrie (first it wasnt there but i exported the PnkbstrA entrie, manually changed it and merged it to the registry, maybe you have to do the same) and rebooted. After reboot i went again into the registry and looked in controlset01, 02 and currentcontrolset and changed everywhere in the pnkbstr entries the “type” dword from 10 to 110 (which means 272 and checks the box for “allow service to interact with desktop”. Now i tried to make the pnkbstr entries read-only because the pnkbstrB entrie always reset itself when startin cod 4 and or joining a server. I right clicked HKEYLOCALMACHINE and gave everyone in the permissions tap only read permission. Additionally i started this bat file which is mentioned a few posts above and joined various servers. Until now i never got kicked because of any api or driver issue! Try it out and see if it works for you, too… if it works, check back on this site and tell your success to us! i hope this helps you, too… greetz, WischMoB


Please feel free to visit the following page (it might be needed to register)

On the sixth page in my Post there is the mentioned .bat file and my detailed manual.

Try it! Greetz, WischMoB

Joe K.

Simply spreading out what WischMob said in legible fashion :).

Hey Guys, i am running win7 build 7100 rc1 64bit Ultimate, and the following solution worked fully for me (i tried nearly everything i could ever mention, but this seems to work with cod 4).

If you want to try this “fix”, first BACKUP your WHOLE registry for safety reasons! First i made all PnkBstr.exes (A and B!)on my Computer (in Windows/sysWOW64 and in User/Appdata/Local/Punkbuster/Cod4/pb run in Vista Compatibility mode (the mode without any Service packs) and also checked run as administrator for them.

Additionally, i copied the PnkBstr.exe´s (A and B) from sysWOW64 to system32 and to the cod 4 pb folder above. Remember: all those exes must run in compatibility mode and as administrator! Then i added “Everyone” with full control to the permission tab of the Punkbuster folder located in User/Appdata/Local.

Now i started the task manager, the services overview and started the task “regedit”. I changed the following stuff: In HkeyLocalMachine/SYSTEM/controlset01/services i found only the PnkbstrA entrie. I changed the imagepath from system32 to syswow64 and deleted the bottom WOW entrie.

Did the same for the PnkbstrB entrie (first it wasnt there but i exported the PnkbstrA entrie, manually changed it and merged it to the registry, maybe you have to do the same) and rebooted. After reboot i went again into the registry and looked in controlset01, 02 and currentcontrolset and changed everywhere in the pnkbstr entries the “type” dword from 10 to 110 (which means 272 and checks the box for “allow service to interact with desktop”.

Now i tried to make the pnkbstr entries read-only because the pnkbstrB entrie always reset itself when startin cod 4 and or joining a server. I right clicked HKEYLOCALMACHINE and gave everyone in the permissions tap only read permission.

Additionally i started this bat file which is mentioned a few posts above and joined various servers. Until now i never got kicked because of any api or driver issue! Try it out and see if it works for you, too… if it works, check back on this site and tell your success to us! i hope this helps you, too… greetz, WischMoB


Has this above solution worked for anybody. Which one really works for WIN 7 64 bit 7100 RC? We need a final solution there is too many here. Please post. No user required lol so POST here. PLEASE


This is doing my head in, tried all of these and it still wont work on 64bit RC release of Win7. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


Ok so I did the fix Tuesday, May 05, 2009 2:52 PM by jimbonbon and

I got into COD4 for about an hour, with no issues!!!!


I just tried this on Battlefield 2142 still getting the same error within 5 minutes of play…


Yer same for me…also the fixes on all these forums doesnt work for my CoD4…try´d it all but get kicked everytime…



I tried the fix as you said (

Didnt work. Ive tried just about every fix available online. The longest Ive been online is about 15 minutes with the batfile, but that only happens 1 in 10 times.


I have given up on my own solution and tried a mix of jimbonbon and – and this really works on my win7 rc 1 build 7100 Ultimate 64bit! Thanks you them, it seems to finally be resolved! EVERYONE, try that out and post back, the more testers the more rock solid this fix can become! First follow jimbonbons fix step by step and THEN the things from the site i mentioned… i will test it over and over again! greetz, WischMoB


I have merged the two solutions which seems to work for me and wrote a step-by-step-guide on, thats the workaround i test for now, originally postet by jimbonbon and

greetz, WischMoB PS: dont give up, solution may be nearer than we can think!


Overloadu? Are you using RC 64 bit 7100? And are you sure you are in a punkpusted server? Can anyone confirm if mixing Jimbonbon and techworks website fix works together?


first try with .bat worked but then i got kicked again


I don’t have any problem while playing Battlefield 2, only Battlefield 2142! Anyone know why this might happen?


a solution for the moment is playing on server without PK enabled…


Mixing Jimbonbon and techworks fix did not work according to wischmob

“EDIT: seems this was only luck, or something else happened, but the kicks start again
so… back to the drawing board…

greetz, WischMoB”


been trying some stuff but me onboard sound chip ( for sound loop crash ) disable either spdif or ac97 side as both are running at the same time !!!


THX jimbonbon, it works!!! Windows 7 64bit and CoD4.


I have managed to play cod4 twice now without being kicked. Im on Win 7 Ultimate x64.

All i did was change the reg value HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PnkBstrB\type to 0x110 (hex)

Anyone else had success with this or am I just lucky?


Here’s another solution.. For those who own a server they can modify the pb_sv_Restriction on server to read like this:

pb_sv_Restrictions 0

than any1 can join with win 7 32/64


I can play CoD4 now without any Problems on Win7 x64 RC. With the Beta i cannot play, with RC i can. I did some tests on my own Server, with the Beta i get kicked about API Message. I did start the bat file from the above posts and it worked. I test Quake Live too, that didnt work. Strange? Yes. But i find a solution to play QL. Problem is, PnkBstrB did not start when i play QL, so i start the bat file, i start CoD4 and minimized CoD4 to take a look in the Console Messages about the Service. Now it looks good, i quit CoD4 but not the batch and then i can play QL!


Here’s another solution.. For those who own a server they can modify the pb_sv_Restriction on server to read like this:

pb_sv_Restrictions 0

than any1 can join with win 7 32/64

pls all admin do it so all can play


Jimbobon id like to try your fix but my cod4 is on steam so i dont have the option to install without pb , and also im on 32-bit windows 7 build 7100…tried many of the “fixes” so far but havent found anything that works as of yet.
If i find one that works ill come back and post.
Good luck guys!


HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PnkBstrB\type to 0x110 (hex)

That seems to work until PB reinstalls the service and sets the value back to 10 (hex)

If there is a way to get the pnkB service to default to type 110 we may have a working fix


I found this powershell script to keep the value at 110:

——start code——
Do {
$pnkchk=Get-ItemProperty “HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\PnkBstrB\” -Name “Type”
if ($pnkchk.Type -eq 16) {Set-ItemProperty “HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\PnkBstrB\” -Name “Type” -Value “272”}
else {
Sleep 2}} while (1 -eq 1)

—-end code——

It still does not solve the problem but some times I can play longer than usual.


After running ever piece of punkbuster I can find through a debugger, I have found that the dll’s in the game folders are what are getting everyone kicked for API errors. CODWAW’s punkbuster dll’s are slightly different from COD4, BF2, and BF2142. The DLL’s seem to be checking several things dealing with the themes in W7. CODWAW’s DLL’s do NOT check this. If we can find a way to convince Punkbuster it is using Vista’s themes instead of slightly different W7 ones, we should have a fix.


The DLL is different and does different stuff because it’s another Punkbuster Client version.

For me the Punkbuster Client Version 2.181 which is used by BF2 makes no problem for me on Win7 64bit with a little trick.

If it isn’t mentioned here already, go to the services and set the PnkBstrA service to run for your user account you use for Windows, that’s it.


I tried it,
I run Win7 64bit.
COD4 is the Steam version
the first time i tried it, it worked.
I played COD4 for 5 or 6 hours tonight on Punkbuster servers…

Thanks so much for your walkthough.


Für Die Deutschen hier, ich habe auf meiner Homepage eine Lösung gepostet die zu 100% Funktioniert.(Ohne registry)



ok I have working instruction how to play online in windows 7 RC x64

1.Delete all folders connected with pb
D:\Ea Games\Battlefield 2\pb
C\Users\>>><<<\AppData\Punk Buster
In search field type “pb” and delete files conected WITH Punk Buster (there are system files too!!!!) and then type “pnk” and delete all files you have found
2.Clean your registry using program for examle CCleaner
3.Restart your computer “pbsvc” and “pbsetup”
5.Install updates for game you want to play using “pbsetup”
6.Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and find PnkBstrA and B and COPY them to C:\Windows System32
7.Open the Windows Firewall
8.Click on the 2nd button on the left side of the screen from above(sorry if that is bad I`m from poland) on “allow other program for access” (Or something like that)
10.Add PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB from C:\Windows\System32
11.Every 4 PnkBstr… tick Home(something)/company(personal)
12.Install “pbsvc”
13.Make a test of pb using “pbsvc”

Should be OK!!
It works fine on my computer


Anyone still getting kicked? I’ve been playing for a good few hours in the past few days and no kicks with RC 7100 x64.


I too could play COD4 yesterday without any kicks… COD WAW worked from the start…


C’est OK, COD 4 marche impec à présent sous Windows 7 RC 64. On peut fermer la discussion car le problème est réglé.


Still not working with BF2142…


COD4 PB version is now 2.180. This is the first version to support W7.


No i am still getting kicked useing RC 7100 x64 ,i have tried every fix out there i think. Arrrrrr


I have done everything twice, still dont work API kick 131134 codwaw 1.4 cracked.


So actually THATS the reason why I could play cod 4 for hours the las two days… hopefully they dont do another update – and i am impressed. in the trouble ticked i opened they stated they wont support windows 7, no way arround it. maybe this new pb update supports windows 7 only by accident? but i dont care if it is wanted or not, as long as i can play cod 4 now i am very satisfied and happy about it^^

greetz, WischMoB


WOOOHOOO! why does punkbuster all of a sudden work on CoD4? it didnt work a week ago but now PB doesnt kick me no more! btw im using Windows 7 build 7100 32bit


Icewielder was totally right! =)


(by the way BF2 to run to get the user has “hills” found.

The user account password type.

BF2 installer -> patch -> 1:41 / / The service can be seen but the game has an old version.

Punkbuster update (download here) / / Now it’s the right thing but the version service PnkBstrB is gone.

The services now new installer with the tool by the manufacturer / / Now we see both services and you have the correct version.

Task Manager -> tabs (tab) services -> bottom right on the button “services …)

Then we are looking for PnkBstrA (double-click on it) -> Log tab -> and “this account” -> Click Search -> name of PC -> Check Names button -> select the account now and click OK . Then enter the password for the user account and click OK. Message with OK

Then we are looking PnkBstrB (double-click on it) -> Log tab -> and “this account” -> Click Search -> name of PC -> Check Names button -> select the account now and click OK . Then enter the password for the user account and click OK. Message with OK

Then the diene PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB restart (right click on the service and restart)

So now BF2 should go (for me it is so)
and not frightened when I reboot after a “PnkBstrB” does not see it when you start BF2 zockt “


Its not an accidental fix. They never said they wouldn’t make PB work in W7 now did they? They said it wasn’t SUPPORTED. In short they will make pb work at their own pace but they just won’t help you with W7 until its released. The battlefield/crysis games will follow fairly soon if their update history holds true.


Can anyone else confirm they are not getting kicked please?


2.180 came out in February. What do you mean an update Iceweilder?


Isnt version 2.180 old? I thought that was the one I was already using.
According to it was releast February 27th 2009.


that what i thought too, and out of the blue punkbuster works on CoD4 for reasons i cant explain…..


PB doesn’t need to update files on your PC to enable or disabled scans / kicks. The signatures are downloaded from their master servers when a player connects.

I’ve been playing on and off for the last 3 days with no kicks in CoD4. I’m using RC 7100 x64.


I ran every fix suggested on this page and nothing worked, but strangely after I turned UAC off, I have played for three days-several hours at a time with no kicks. If you havent already, turn it to the lowest (off) setting and see how it works.

Worked for me!

COD4 on Window 7RC 64bit


Just refering to the first client version. Remember it works like this v2.180 | A1407. A1407 and A1409 are Windows 7 compatible. COD4’s PB was updated in the last two days. It isn’t posted because it is a revision, not an update. It is only preliminary W7 support.


so now PB supports windows 7 with the newest PB upgrade?
Can anyone else confirm it?


havent u seen the other comments! It clearly shows its working now!


I talk to microsoft and they are currently working with punk buster on solving this issue, Microsoft did say that unfortionly
punk buster has it own way of worrking out this solution. You know that mean wait until Window 7 is finalize.


Alex, that is incorrect. Punkbuster currently does not support Beta or RC software, this means they will offer no (tech) support. Not that they won’t fix punkbuster in W7 before it is final. Be patient and support will be added to your games. COD4 and COD5 are currently supported. BF2, 2142, Crysis, and Crysis Wars are currently being worked on.


Bazajaytee from DICE posted this about Battlefield 2

Evenbalance pushed out an update for PB and Battlefield 2. They say it should work fine now for Windows 7 32 bit and maybe 64 bit but they are still working on the 64 bit OS.


c’est punkbuster qui vous vire avec divers message d’erreur du genre »unknow windows fonction API 131133 » donc impossible de jouer en ligne.
Mais une astuce à été donner par un gars voici son message :
Donc pour réussir à Jouer à Battlefield 2142 sous Seven il faut utiliser le mode de compatibilité
non pas sur Battlefield2142 lui même mais sur PunkBuster !
Pour ce faire trouvez PnkBstrA.exe et PnkBstrB.exe dans C:\Windows\System32
hop un petit clic droit propriété onglet compatibilité il faut cocher la case “Exécuter ce programme en mode de compatibilité pour ” et sélectionner le système d’exploitation. Moi j’ai mis Windows XP (SP2) et ça marche !
j’ai tester ça fonctionne
à titre d’infos windows seven RC build 7100



maybe there is a PB fix for the old game “Enemy Territory” too?? I have the Kick Message “Unknown Windows Api Function 131131″ after few seconds from PB. ://

Win7 7100 32bit

any ideas??

thx firsti


scorpio: can you translate that too english please? I still cant play bf2142 on w7 rc 7100..


Dice should also send the PB guys a hint to update for 2142.

Battlefield 2 already works like a charm for me on Win7 x64


Yep confirmed finally BF2 on 7100 x64 NO PB KICKS.


Hi Alex,

Steven forwarded me your email. We are working with the punk buster to make sure they have a supported version. Unfortunately they rely on undocumented low-level system state to do their anti-cheating work and do so on purpose. We will continue to work with them so they have the information they need to release a compatible version.

Thanks for trying Windows 7!

Best regards,

Sent using Windows 7 RC build 7100


hateren: He said the solution lies within not to set the BF2142 blient to compatibility mode but to set PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe in your C:\Windows\system32\ folder to compatibility mode with Windows XP (SP2).


well i dont know about anyone else but myself and my clan ( all downloaded Windows 7 RC 7100 and we have all been playing on BF2/COD4 and there have been absoloutley no punkbuster problems whatsoever


I did this and it worked for me with battlefield 2142 on windows 7 32-bit” install catalyst 9.1 for vista, than install the whole game and patch 1.5. update punkbuster with pbsetup. run the on-line game with no other additional setup.AANNDD it works! for me at least…build 7100


Still no fix for me. Windows 7 RC 7100 x64 edition.

Running Battlefield 2 with it, still get booted after several moments of gameplay. Do I have to reinstall Battlefield 2 + punkbuster again? I updated it through pbsetup.exe and it said it was up to date…


Have you tried to install the services through pbsvc.exe ?
For me, I needed to install them after I installed the game.


Look like punk buster gave in at least on Window 7 7100 32 bit no more kick for me, plus those who notice their haveing a small screen problem in game play here a link to solve that problem -


this worked on 7127 x64. Played cod4 for 1 hour with no kicks.


Do it like
For me it works perfectly on cod4.
But the most time i play cod2. the instruction from the link help me a little bit for cod2.
No api kicks or whatever, but laggs like wlan…unplayable…
so i played with the direct x modus..
standard direct x 7… turn x9 on… then x7.. then automatic… then x7…
i got no laggs or somthing else.. i can play like on windows xp

and sry for grammer :DDDD from germany^^


I get cod2+pb working in 7100 RC x64. Here is shor brief how I get this combination to work.

-Installed cod2 to default folder and patched to 1.3
-Ran pbsetup to update punkbuster services
-Copied pnkbstrA.exe and pnkbstrB.exe from C:\Windows\SysWOW64 to C:\Windows\System32
-Deleted pnkbstrA/B rules from windows firewall and added them manually again from C:\Windows\System32\ folder
-Started playing!
-Make sure that you got pnkbstrA/B now running from C:\Windows\System32 folder in services(Start-> run-> services.msc) – not from C:\Windows\SysWOW64!!!
-NO running as admin for any .exe files!

This is how I get my pb working with cod2. I used punkbuster.bat first with these settings but now I don’t even need that. Everything is working perfectly for me :D


Yeah any confirmed fixes here? I play CoD: united offensive and I get kicked from that. Tried interact with desktop and it doesn’t work. Just unchecks itself. I can play BF2 with no windows API kicks though which is weird.
I can’t update UO with pbsetup either as it isn’t in the games list.


Hi all,

I posted a couple of suggestions a while ago, just wanted to let you know that I appear to have come across a Windows 7 + COD4 working configuration.

I downloaded and installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate Build 7100 (x64) and re-installed COD4, patched it up to v1.7 and since then ran the game. I got kicked out for a Punkbuster INIT failure, so manually updated the Punkbuster files and since then, I’ve not been kicked once from a PB enabled server in COD4.

I’m a very happy bunny! I hope this works for some of you out there.



For CoD2: play with 125 fps…
because with 250fps laggs it… maybe the same for CoD1???


ALL: Move on to Windows 7 RC and go to this URL below. I have to give “nakedrampage” all the credit because not only does his fix work for those who installed from a CD but also for those like me who downloaded from STEAM. The difference is to go to (Steam/Steamapps folder vice Activision folder”.


I’m using WINDOWS 7 RC x64 version. I like it ,its a nice OS after Xp. However ive got a PB fuction API kick problem… i have tryed everything but its not working. I’m playing with cod2 or sorry i would play with cod2 if it would be okay anyone know something information for me? it would be nice

thank you


I do have an fix for the punkbuster issue.
I’ve tested in on Windows 7 RC1 X64 with Call of duty 4 – modern warfare.
It actually worked this time.
After trying putting punkbuster in compatibility mode and trying the service’s.
The services are impossible since PnkBstrA restarts PnkBstrB automaticly making the allow service to intereact with desktop disappears…
Anyway, putting the main executable of a game, yes, of the game it self, in compatibility mode works to fix ALL kicks.
So move to your game folder and put the game in compatibility mode with Vista Service Pack 1.
It works!!



That fix didn’t work for me. Maybe because I am playing call of duty united offensive but I thought it would work similar.
Does the newest windows 7 release fix it then?


I did tried on Windows 7 RC1, after a clean install because some program fucked my registery I tried it without the compatibility mode.
In Windows 7 RC1 I DID NOT had to change anything to play the game, no API kicks for me :D


Hello. Sorry for my english (russian). So i’d Win7 RC1 and no problems, but i updated system to 7201 (RC2) and got “Unknown Windows API (131162)”. So, i uderstand from this topic, that a problem was solve on CoD4 and BF2. Everyone knows when appears new PB for other games? I don’t want wait to august, when appear RTM-version of 7.


Hi i have windows 7 7201 , battlefield 2 1.4.1 i keep getting an API error ive tried everything :(


Pff ,.. i read alot the few days about this topic. Im getting API Function 131136 all the time one; and this happend after;

– an update from Windows 7 Build 7100 to 7201
– an update from my NVidia driver to v.186.08

tried letterly every thing, but im still getting kicked after a few seconds/minutes.

PLS your support ( because a downgrade isnt in the add and remove programs :-) )


Note that PB for COD4 is now fixed. Download the manual updater from the Even Balance website (pbsetup.exe for Windows).

Running Win7 RC, build 7100, 64bit.



Yes, it worked on build 7100 x64, but not on build 7201. manual updating isnt a problem and im running the latest versions (client v.2.180 |A1407) and server (v.1.740 } A1407)

downloading Windows 7 Build 7229 now, maybe there’s something changed


Does not work with 7229, confirmed API crash still exists in this build. If you are running 7100 RC stick with it is all I can say unless you want to format, AGAIN…


Yeah… that really to late now :-)… Indeed I can confirm that it doesn’t run on 7229…

It’s back to 7100….

Benjamin Shepherd

I was wondering if anyone had tried to run COD: UO, and if someone has solved the problem of “Unknown Windows API (131162)”. I am running 7100 x64. I have tried installing it, the automatic updater, and manual update. On my brother’s computer (same OS) he is getting “Service Communication Failure PnkBusterA.exe”

Thanks in advance


windows 7 ultimate 7260 x86
error: unable to get name for client num 5
error: unable to get name for client num 13
error: unable to get name for client num 19
exceeded-not spowning fx elem
..restrintion-unknown windows api function 131136



-Running Windows 7 64-bit Build 7264
-Trying to play BF2142
-Read the entire thread so far, tried everything still getting kicked for “Unknown Windows API function 131136.”
-Signed every petition I could find.
-Reloading with XP-64-bit tomorrow. I love Windows 7 but if I can’t play my games then F-it.


you just need to plug the microphone port in…no matter what…
dumb, but it works ;)


i have 7600 but api function 131136 is the problem any fix?


When i try to play COD4(Multiplayer) it connects to the server, loads the map and at when i’m going to choose a team it says “Connection Interrupted”, the screen goes black and it says “Server Disconnected”
help? :(


i got the same problem i got Windows 7600 16385 and got very big problem with punkbuster as well for battlefield heroses


Seems PB doesn’t support RTM yet as I’m getting kicked with Unknown Windows API Function [131136] too


Some of (if not most) of the comments I’ve read who are having a problem does sound like you are running Win7 as a Power User instead of True Admin. Vista and Win7 have to levels of Admin access there is Admin and Root Admin. You can google how to become Root Admin (which should disable UAC). However, by doing so you remove that level of security it offers. So that’s something you have to keep in mind.


i m running windows 7 7600 64bit playing pb server COD4 and not getting kicked :-)services-pb B properties–general select start up MANUAL then…LOG ON… click on allow services apply and dont x it leave it windowed then run ur pb games i hope it helps works fine for me


battlefield 2 on win 7 rtm works just fine.

completely disable user account control settings, install bf2/pb updated manually/run the game.

btw: I installed bf2 under program files x86 default installation. last time i installed it on a different letter and it didn’t work, got kicked out of the game


Bf2142 on 7600
copy pb(backup) from game folder in vista, then fresh install Windows 7 rtm
—->install game, c/p(replace) pb folder from vista to Win7 game dir…..update
Work for me…


Im on 7600 Build 16385.
A week ago i went through everything to get it to work and nothing worked –
but yesterday i was suddenly able to play for the hole day whitout any kicks,, it’s the same today – the game (BF2142) works perfect !

I have done no changes, just updated my PB client and it runs like it should =)

Ques PB must have send out an update…


I just used that install stuff on the PB website… and it works


problems win7 64 for 2142 battlefield ,2142 is run pb next step close games to erorr ,please help,thenks


I got to Punkbuster website, downloaded Punkbuster and updated it manually outside of the game.

Worked never been kicked out again

Running Win7 RC1 64x


I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit RTM
I only play Enemy Territory
I can play on any server running the ETPub mod uninterrupted.
But when I switch to any Jaymod servers I get the API 131152 error.
I have tried all the suggested fixes here and unfortunately none are successful.


I am also playing or trying to play ET on Win7 RTM 7600 and get kicked constantly. Tried a few of these things including the API updates. Nothing seems to work


Indeed ,.. RTM x64 ,.. all is fine now


Same here when playing ET on W7 RTM 7600 x64. Get kicked for Unknown Windows API Function [131152].
Also tryed every fix i found and nothing works.


cant play et on win7x64 darh HEELP!!!


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