LIDNUG: Double the Scott in August

The cat’s out of the box (or is that the dog?) as the Linked .Net Users Group will see Scott Guthrie return to our monthly meetings in August.

Last time we had Scott around, we had a massive 518 attendees to the event and it was a resounding success!

Obviously Scott enjoyed himself and promised he’d be back – so, here’s following up on that promise with a tentative date of the 25th of August, 2009 (that’s 25th US time, will be 26th for us in the AustralAsia region, my bad).

Did i say Double the Scott?? yessir, indeed!

Scott Hanselman will also be grazing us with a visit, albeit his first for us (nudge nudge!!) – The date we’ve currently put down is the 13th of August, 2009.

What will we be talking about? we’ll see, it’s not in concrete yet, but i’m guessing (probably rightly so) that The Gu will do another Q&A for us, since it’ll be right off the back of Tech-Ed US!

We’ll let you know where to register as soon as we get a full green light from both!