Brian H. Madsen
Computer says no

Absolutely hillarious promo video from Microsoft – Cannon PI

July 1st 2009 in 3119

This is an absolute hoot!!


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The cat’s out of the box (or is that the dog?) as the Linked .Net Users Group will see Scott Guthrie return to our monthly meetings in August. Last time we had Scott around, we had a massive 518 attendees to the event and it was a resounding success! Obviously Scott enjoyed himself […]

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Join us for a Silverlight 3 talk with Tim Heuer at the Linked .Net Users Group on Thursday the 9th of July, 2009 at 10:30AM PDT. Register for the event here:  We currently have 140 registered to attend and it promises to be a seriously cool presentation. As usual, the event […]

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