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LIDNUG: A lap around Telerik Developer Tools for Web Developers

January 5th 2010 in 6317, 9428, 9762, 9918

First event for LIDNUG in 2010 – Telerik is sending their very best: Todd Anglin.

A fellow MVP and also Telerik Chief Evangelist, Todd Anglin’s known for his huge contributions to the community as well as his book “Introducing Silverlight 1.1” which was released in June 2009.

As usual, this is a Live Meeting event and will be recorded.

About the event:

Title: A lap around Telerik Developer Tools for Web Developers
Venue: Live Meeting
Date: January 7, 11:00AM PST
Cost: FREE (duh!)
Presenter: Todd Anglin (

Todd Anglin is an active .NET community member, President of the North Houston .NET User Group, an O’Reilly author, Microsoft MVP and Telerik’s Chief Evangelist.

At Telerik, Todd is responsible for educating Telerik’s global community of developers and helping ensure Telerik’s products serve the needs of .NET developers around the world. In the general .NET community, Todd is an active author and speaker, focusing primarily on ASP.NET and Silverlight.

About the event:

telerik-logoAs pragmatic developers, we want to find ways to minimize the time we spend writing “standard” code so we can maximize the time we spend writing code that makes our businesses money.

Telerik offers many tools and components designed to enable just that: maximum developer productivity. Come join Telerik Chief Evangelist and Microsoft MVP Todd Anglin for a quick lap around the various tools and components Telerik now makes to maximize the speed of web development.

Everything from advanced server controls for ASP.NET AJAX to modern UI extensions for ASP.NET MVC to related tools like OpenAccess ORM and Telerik Reporting will be covered. Come figure out how these tools can be used together for great results in your next project.

Two Telerik Premium Collection licenses will be given away to randomly selected attendees of this session.

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