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LIDNUG: The Art of Debugging with Mario Hewardt

June 13th 2012 in Communities, LIDNUG

We had a great session last night (couldn’t attend due to the storm that hit us..Cat 3 apparently – we all blame my fellow colleague MA for bringing the british weather to Perth).

Anyways, enough of blaming poor MA, what we have here is a brilliant session that’s probably going to surprise some people.


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The concept of Application Lifecycle Management is not a new invention that just popped out last year and hit us in our backsides. It’s a very wide topic with a lot of categories, which includes categories such as:

Project Management
Change Management
Release Management
Design, Modelling and Issue Management

Yes, that’s right guys and girls (honestly!!) – Project Management is indeed […]

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In less than 24hrs we’ll have our first session focused on Windows 8 and we probably couldn’t be in better hands than with Jeremy Likness.

Jeremy has presented for LIDNUG before and it was one of those sessions where you seriously didn’t want to leave your desk for any reason, just so you didn’t miss anything. […]

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