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January 11th 2011 in

Ok, a little bit about me…[note to self: edit this in the future. you WILL forget it’s here].

My name is Brian H. Madsen, born and raised in Denmark, served for a number of years in the Danish army, married young and moved overseas in ’99, father of two beautiful young girls, husband of lovely wife, owner of DevilDog and NeuroticDog (and no, i will not claim ownership of Titan the cat)…

I work as a consultant – basically that’s what we are, irrespectively of our roles, titles (yes, that fancy line on the business cards), for a tier 1 IT&T service and solutions company. The fancy title I have on my business cards says Principal Architect and location is the Fujitsu Microsoft Solutions Centre (FMSC), Perth.

Now, my role is something entirely different – I guess you can say I got the perfect job for a self-admitted geek. I’m the Technology Specialist and R&D Manager for the FMSC – basically this means i get to play with all the new toys and gadgets and run all the R&D projects.

Currently looking at Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Kinect, Microsoft Surface and a ton of other stuff.

My specialty as a consultant is enterprise collaboration, business process management systems, cloud solutions (private, hybrid et al) and everything .Net and most of my colleagues would say I have a fondness for SharePoint.

I’m a reluctant gardner + handyman (eg. i’m not very handy, hence the reluctance) with a cruel sense of humour, which my wife can attest to – driven her nuts many a time over the past 12 years of marriage.

Outside of work, gardening and family I spend most of my time on geeky stuff, including running a couple of technical user groups. One which is the Perth SQL Server User Group (this is a physical user group..on location) and the other two are virtual user groups. Linked .Net Users Group and .Net People. I believe firmly in the value that user groups and other technical communities can offer, both the industry as well as those that work in it and are passionate about growing their awareness (hence i mention it here).

So, why do i blog? well, no purpose other than just having my own place to rant and rave..

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“About Me”

Peter Holland

so that’s what you look like. great blog, entertaining read. well done.
I use blogs ( i have 3) to rant, think and dream…

    Brian H. Madsen

    Hey Peter,

    Yeps – that’s me..young n’ stuff :)

    Thanks for the kind words.


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