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Technical debt – when the bank really can’t help you out

September 29th 2013

Not long ago I had a brief 2hr session with a client who were looking at implementing a collaboration platform (read: SharePoint) to support their massively growing business. The discussion as usual went around platform/product capabilities and as usual the topic slowly venture into requirements and different scenarios that the client wanted the system comply. […]

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Life is a like a box of chocolates

September 27th 2013

“When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future” This entry today isn’t going to focus on technology…but why a “aha” moment got clarity to me… Running a business can be extremely challenging, as I’m sure many people have figured out over the years – so it’s not […]

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Be more productive with Office 365, Office 2013 and SkyDrive Pro 2013

August 12th 2013

One of the neat little tricks, i’ve taken on board more and more of late, is the power of Word and/or Excel personal templates. It’s always been a frustration for me to dig around on some obscure shared drive, for the latest version of a specific document or spreadsheet template. That’s why I generally use […]

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LIDNUG Global Windows 8 Code Jam

June 13th 2013

Stock up on coffee, niblies and sleep – because you’re going to be needing it!! LIDNUG has teamed up with InnerWorkings and are going to be running a Global Code Jam, from the 12-June-2013 till the 12-July-2013. This is Your chance to see how you stack up with developers from all over the world and […]

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LIDNUG & Scott Guthrie – 15th Q&A on the 9th of January

January 6th 2013

  LIDNUG presents Scott Guthrie’s 15th Open Q&A and the first event of 2013.   Scott has been coming back to LIDNUGs members each quarter for the past couple of years and it’s been one of the best sessions to get answers directly from The Gu himself.   In this session Scott answers questions on […]

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Free 2-day Windows Phone 8 workshops in Perth, 7-8 Dec

November 27th 2012

Most have undoubtly heard about Windows Phone 8 and seen some of the awesome handsets that’s being released (one of them, the Nokia Lumia 920 is my current favorite). With Windows Phone 8 there’s also been a huge range of new features released, such as native C++ support for game developers, NFC, in-app purchasing, wallet […]

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LIDNUG and Wintellect Presents – .NET Performance Tuning with John Robbins

October 9th 2012

LIDNUG & Wintellect Presents – .NET Performance Tuning with John Robbins    One of our most highly anticipated events and presenters is coming up in just a few days (11th of October, 2012) – namely the return of John Robbins. Last time we caught up with John we had a full house, and with currently […]

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New horizons–a change is as good as a holiday

July 28th 2012

Back in August 2008 I joined Fujitsu Australia to take on a long term, SharePoint based project, as a SharePoint specialist. The project was challenging and rewarding, not without taking into consideration that I got to work with some excellent people, and as it’s drawing to a close there really isn’t much more for me […]

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Input, Output and Actions – Back to basics

July 3rd 2012

I was recently going through my RSS feeds and found an old article that I’d apparently earmarked for later reading. That seemed to start a trend and I kept going further and further back – several years back actually. And that got me thinking…. What is the one trend that we (broad brush term) keep […]

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Upcoming event – Top 10 Features developers love with Jeremy Likness

June 20th 2012

  In less than 24hrs we’ll have our first session focused on Windows 8 and we probably couldn’t be in better hands than with Jeremy Likness. Jeremy has presented for LIDNUG before and it was one of those sessions where you seriously didn’t want to leave your desk for any reason, just so you didn’t […]

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