Placing Thumbnail Images in the Database

September 13, 2009

In my entry titled .NET RIA Data Services & Images, it was pointed out that the July Preview of .NET RIA Data Services did not handle database images stored in the database very well (it produced large files returned to the client). It was also pointed out that this situation was being addressed and would […]

.NET RIA Data Services & Images

September 13, 2009

In my tutorial Silverlight LOB Data Strategies, I provided a comparison of the three different data strategies I compared: I recently heard from Deepesh Mohnani who is part of the Microsoft RIA team. His concern was the large “Download Package Size” of .NET RIA Data Services compared to the other two options. Deepesh stated that […]

MVVM Pattern and Silverlight

September 12, 2009

I have been trying to understand the Model-View-ViewModel pattern for a while and to be honest, getting a good grip on the idea was eluding me. I read many articles; some were too general to be helpful, some were written specifically for WPF (which does not map well to Silverlight because of Silverlight’s lack of […]


September 5, 2009

I have not been blogging for a number of years because frankly, I didn’t have anything to say. However, now that my tutorial site, is getting more action, I have decided to start with some limited blogs. Most of my blogs will deal with the tutorials I post so if you want to keep […]