.NET RIA Data Services & Images

In my tutorial Silverlight LOB Data Strategies, I provided a comparison of the three different data strategies I compared:


I recently heard from Deepesh Mohnani who is part of the Microsoft RIA team. His concern was the large “Download Package Size” of .NET RIA Data Services compared to the other two options. Deepesh stated that

I noticed you are returning thumb nails with every product and with the bits you have we were very inefficient. We have made significant changes from our last public release and are now handling thumbnails more efficiently.”

Deepesh has offered to make the newer “bits” available for my testing and when I get them, I’ll run the application again to see what the new package size turns out to be. Regarding the fact that the application is downloading thumbnails, I’ll address that in another blog entry.

You should remember that the RIA product is still at the CTP stage and that a lot of changes should be expected before the product is released; please keep this in mind before drawing any conclusions.


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