Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 2 are now available for downloading. This is still a “Beta” product so there are issues outstanding that need to be resolved. However, there are a number of technologies “built in” to the product, e.g., Dynamic Data 2.0, MVC 2.0, and Silverlight 3. There are some technologies that are not yet there but they should be coming soon.

Scott Guthrie states that:

VS 2010 and .NET 4 bring a huge number of improvements and additions. They include big advances for ASP.NET web development, WPF and WinForms client development, SharePoint development, Silverlight development, data development, parallel computing development, and cloud computing development.  VS 2010 also delivers a ton of improvements in the core IDE, code editors, programming languages, and enterprise design, architect, and testing tools.

I will be using VS 2010 in a new set of videos and I encourage you to download a copy of the Beta and try out some of the new stuff. I ALWAYS install beta products using a virtual PC image and NOT on my production operating system. I have done so with VS 2010 using Windows 7 as the host system (it’s my production OS) and Virtual PC for Windows 7. You can also use Vista or XP as the host and Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1.

VS 2010 is a totally rewritten using managed code. It also uses WPF (xaml) for its visual interface.

Enjoy … bill

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