Deploying ADO.NET Data Services on a Hosted ISP

November 28, 2009

When you deploy a Silverlight application that uses an ADO.NET data service to a hosted service provider, you need to make some changes in order for the service to work properly. The following describes the steps I took to overcome the problems. Thanks to Phani Raj Yayavaram Narasimha, Mike Flasko, and Elisa Flasko at Microsoft […]

Technology Overload

November 19, 2009

Microsoft is at it again releasing a number of upgraded technologies in a very short period of time. At PDC 09 I am seeing a new release of MVC (MVC 2 beta), Silverlight 4 (developer preview), and two versions of RIA Services (WCF RIA Beta for VS 2008 and WCF RIA Preview for VS 2010 […]

WCF RIA Services Beta

November 18, 2009

Microsoft just announced a new release of RIA (Data) Services. As the name implies, the new release (the first beta) now uses WCF as its underlying data transport protocol. I posted a tutorial, Silverlight LOB Data Strategies, that compared RIA Services with IdeaBlade’s DevForce Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Services from Microsoft. In that tutorial, I […]

New Tutorial – Silverlight 3 and VB 2010

November 16, 2009

I have published a new video that covers Silverlight 3 and Visual Studio/Visual Basic 10. The tutorial shows you how to build an application using the “” API and web service. It is an updated version of an application Scott Guthrie published when Silverlight 2 was introduced but has been updated to take advantage of […]