New Tutorial – Silverlight 3 and VB 2010

I have published a new video that covers Silverlight 3 and Visual Studio/Visual Basic 10. The tutorial shows you how to build an application using the “” API and web service. It is an updated version of an application Scott Guthrie published when Silverlight 2 was introduced but has been updated to take advantage of Silverlight 3 features such as Child Windows. It also demonstrates use of the new Cider visual Xaml editor available in VS 2010. This is a much-improved editor (compared to the almost useless version in VS 2008) although I still prefer working with the Xaml directly.

In addition, I show some of the new features available with VB 2010 including implicit line continuation and auto-generated properties. I also show one of my favorite tricks using XML schemas to enhance Intellisense when writing LINQ queries over XML.

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  1.   Burrows Says:

    Sorry Tara … dumb me!


  2.   Tara Says:

    Where is the link to the tutorial?

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