Technology Overload

Microsoft is at it again releasing a number of upgraded technologies in a very short period of time. At PDC 09 I am seeing a new release of MVC (MVC 2 beta), Silverlight 4 (developer preview), and two versions of RIA Services (WCF RIA Beta for VS 2008 and WCF RIA Preview for VS 2010 beta). This is on top of the recent release of beta 2 of VS 2010. I have spent most of today trying to understand the new releases and trying to decide which one I’d start to play with.

I have decided that my first area of study will be WCF RIA Services Preview for VS 2010. After talking with some of the RIA team, I decided that although the “preview” is less stable than the “beta”, the functionality that it has is more interesting. Be aware that the two releases (the beta for VS 2008 and the preview for VS 2010) do not share identical sets of functionality.

I have had a chance (under NDA) to already take a look at some of the really neat new stuff like Inheritance, Compositional Hierarchy, the Presentation Model, Drag and Drop support, and improved live Intellisense. All these new features are available in the preview available for VS 2010 so that’s where I am going to focus.

I am retired and can do anything I want with my time [:)] I cannot imagine how someone with a full-time job has time to keep up with all the new stuff. Hopefully you’ll find the videos I create that share what I learn an effective way to at least get a sense for what’s happening.



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