New Tutorial – WCF RIA Services Drag ‘n Drop with Silverlight 4

The WCF RIA Services team released preview bits for VS 2010 (beta 2) and Silverlight 4 beta. I have put together a simple tutorial that shows how one can use drag ‘n drop to bring data to the user interface.

I use the AdventureWorksLT2008 database to display customers, their associated order headers, and the line items associated with an order.

12-5-2009 3-12-14 PM

This application was created by writing a single query in the RIA Services class:


There were no lines of XAML written by me (there was a lot auto-generated by the designer).

The fact that a drag ‘n drop experience was demonstrated at PDC ‘09 by Brad Abrams, a Product Unit Manager at Microsoft, has produced some comments on the merits of drag ‘n drop. An interesting post on Shawn Widermuth’s blog is typical of the issues being raised.

Enjoy … bill

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