RAD Development with Windows WPF Applications

I have just published a new video tutorial showing how one can create a useful Windows WPF Application using Visual Studio 2010 using the new, significantly improved Cider graphical editor.

In Visual Studio 2008, the graphical editor for creating Xaml-based user interfaces was really sad. I know I just gave up on it and quickly became a Xaml coder. Given that experience, I was extremely pleased with the progress the VS team did in improving the “drag ‘n drop” experience in Visual Studio 2010.

Using the Toolbar, the Data Sources window, and the Properties window, one can create a useful application without writing any Xaml or VB code. The application, shown below, displays Orders and Order Details for a selected Customer.


Microsoft’s second generation graphical design experience with WPF Applications is a great improvement over it’s initial release in VS 2008.

RAD development is appropriate for all applications, but it is really nice to be able to create a prototype quickly and in the “spirit” of Visual Basic.


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