New Silverlight 4 & WCF RIA Services Tutorial

I just posted a new tutorial that uses Visual Studio 2010, the Silverlight 4 RC, and WCF RIA Services RC. This tutorial walks through the creation of a Silverlight Client (a golf handicap application) that uses WCF RIA Services to maintain and update data stored on a server.

The application is sufficiently complex to show some real-life requirements while not being too complex to make it hard to comprehend.

This tutorial uses a traditional event-driven paradigm with code-behind to interact with the UI and the RIA services. I plan to refactor the code and create a second version of the application using the MVVM pattern and publish that tutorial in April.


10 Responses to “New Silverlight 4 & WCF RIA Services Tutorial”

  1.   Sohil Says:

    Hi Bill,

    This is fantastic tutorial for the beginners…

    Keep it up.


  2.   Diya Says:

    Hey, was just browsing on the internet looking for some information and came

    across your site. I am impressed by the information that you have on this


  3.   Jim F Says:

    Thanks for this series. Your pacing and attention to detail are just what I needed to get going with Silverlight and RIA. Looking forward to more.

  4.   Burrows Says:


    I modified the Web.config file as follows:

    The modification was adding the timeout attribute to the existing element. So far the application has been remembering me for over 60 minutes (default is 30 minutes).

    I am not sure why you are not experiencing this same behavior.


  5.   Peter H Says:

    Yes I am using the latest bits VS2010 Ultimate. What you describe is all correct. I guess I forgot to mention that the check box works up to about the 30 min default. So yes if you check the ‘keep me signed in’ check box and open and close the solution it works as advertised. My problem is that I can’t get it to remember me after about 30 min. If you go back to the project the next day you should see that you have to relog in even though it workded for you yesterday.

  6.   Burrows Says:


    I just created a new project using the “Silverlight Business Application” template. I ran the code, created a new account, and then signed in after checking the “Keep me signed in” checkbox.

    I then closed the application and ran it again and it remembered me. I closed VS, reopened it and opened the project, and when I ran it, it still remembered me.

    So I guess my initial tests, which were done long before the final release, are no longer reproducible.

    Are you using all the latest bits?


  7.   ProfB Says:


    That option has never worked for me either but I have just ignored it.

    I’ll check around and see what I can learn and get back to you.

  8.   Peter H Says:

    I was wondering if when you use your app Bill do you have to login every time or if checking the ‘keep me signed in’ check box works for you. In my application it does not seem to work. I’ve added this to the web.config and it still forces you to login after 30 min. Any ideas what I’m missing?

  9.   M Richard Weiss Says:

    This tutorial is excellent and packed with instructional information.
    I followed it closely and reproduced the application.
    Unless I missed something I did find a “bug” when adding the first score to a new user. Adding scores seems to work only if one score is already in the database
    Once again thanks for this wonderful tutorial.

  10.   Eric Mensah Says:

    Incredible stuff. Not even microsoft could present the beginner of WCF RIA Services the kind of tutorial you put on your site. It has taken weeks to come by this sort of tutorials.

    God Bless. Looking forward to another great tutorial like this one

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