New Video – Silverlight 4 and MVVM

I have replaced my prior video on Silverlight and MVVM with a new and improved one. This new video takes advantage of the new features in Silverlight 4 that makes binding between the view and the view model much more straightforward. Silverlight 4 now includes commands that allow behavior on the user interface, such as mouse clicks, to be detected and communicated to the view model via binding.

In this tutorial, we look at a learning example that covers binding the view to view model via parameters, using commands, and including parameters with commands. It also uses RIA Web Services to hook up to a copy of the NorthWind database.

3 Responses to “New Video – Silverlight 4 and MVVM”

  1.   Frank Says:

    I stumbled on this tutorial while searching for resources on mvvm. Even though it was made last year, it was still very good and you did a very thorough explanation of the concept

  2.   anil Says:

    good one

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