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I have been away from the tutorial business for the past few weeks working on another project that is very important to me. I live on an island located in the south part of Puget Sound in Washington State. My part of the Sound is know for its inlets and coves that are the primary nursery for most of the animals that call Puget Sound their home.

For many, many years the shellfish industry has taken advantage of the plentiful food in the water to engage in aquaculture practices. They raise a variety of clams and oysters on the beaches and recently added geoducks to their plate.

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The shellfish folks were generally small, family-owned and operated firms that were pretty good stewards of the water and beaches that their livelihood depended on. However, starting in the 1990’s, some of the shellfish operations grew in size and started adopting “industrial” practices that in many cases put profit in front of stewardship.

I have joined a group of concerned citizens who are trying to raise the awareness of the shellfish aquaculture’s industrial practices. One of the activities of this group is the production of some videos that try to tell the story. I invite you to take a look at the videos so you can see for yourself what is happening in Puget Sound. The current videos are:

Thanks … bill

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