New Tutorial – Windows Phone 7 (Getting Started)

I just posted a new video that deals with Windows Phone 7 (WP7). This is the first in a series dealing with WP7 and starts by showing you how to get a project that talks to a web service (via WCF Data Services) set up and running.

With the recent release of VB Tools for WP7, Visual Basic developers can now create applications on this new platform. The initial release of the APIs for WP7 have focused on consumer and games users. This has been at the expense of data-enhanced business applications.

My focus is on business applications so the need to access data remotely is an essential requirement for me. Right now the easiest way to access remote data with WP7 is using OData and WCF Data Services so the new tutorial focuses on using this technology.

I have decided to take my Silverlight MVVM Golf Handicap application and build it with WP7. This first tutorial just gets things set up and displays the courses stored in the database. Subsequent tutorials will add functionality to the application with the goal of creating a WP7 application with all the functionality of the Silverlight version.


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