New MVC 3 Tutorial Available

I have just posted a tutorial video on using Microsoft’s MVC 3.

Microsoft’s MVC 3 has been released. One of the major new features is the inclusion of a new view engine named Razor. Razor has a syntax that is described as compact and flexible. Unlike ASPX syntax, Razor does not use multiple keystrokes for its delimiters and also does not need closing delimiters. The parser is smart enough to infer the end of code and the start of HTML. This enables a really compact and expressive syntax which is clean, fast and fun to type. Razor also includes VB (as well as C#) code syntax so no new coding skills are needed. Additionally, it is designed to facilitate a really great Intellisense experience.

This tutorial builds the Golf Handicap Application using MVC 3 and Razor. It demonstrates creating controllers and views to facilitate creating, editing, deleting and displaying records. It works with the Entity Framework to provide the model to support the database. The model also demonstrates how one can use a Presentation Model to aggregate data from several entities.


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  1.   Tony Says:

    For anyone who want to try the demo code but has installed vs2011 you will find that you need to made a copy of changes
    This page will show you what

    For Vb readers this means you edit webconfig and add

    to the section

    and then in Windows Explorer edit the MVC3Golf.vbproj file

    and update the assemblues section to include the version and PublicKeyToken as per the link.

    I hope that helps

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