New LightSwitch Tutorial

I have posted the first of several tutorials on Microsoft LightSwitch. LightSwitch is a new Visual Studio development product. It supports the development of data-enhanced applications with a minimal amount of code. It is targeted at the professional developer, but importantly, it is also targeted at the business domain expert (someone who is not a professional developer but who wants to write an application to support her activities.)

In this introductory tutorial, we look at basic LightSwitch concepts and build a simple application. We create a database that supports storing information on students and the courses they have completed. We also create screens that can be used for data entry and reporting. All the functionality of the application is done by writing only 3 VB statements (two to enhance readability and a third to implement a business rule.)

This tutorial uses all default behavior. Look for additional tutorials were we drill down to explore the various features that can be used to customize an application.

Enjoy … bill

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