Deploying a Silverlight Application

It is always a challenge to get an application you have working with on your development machine deployed to a server so others can access it. The frustration is compounded because it seems that a very popular alternative for many of us, that is, the shared hosting provider, is rarely covered in the MSDN documentation.

In this video, I show you how to deploy a Silverlight Business application to an ISP that provides hosted services. The sample application includes two databases; one to support the application and a second to support registration and authentication.

I am using DiscountASP.NET in the tutorial and want to thank them for providing a promotional account for my use. I should point out that other ISPs provide shared hosting for Silverlight but would likely have different control panels. There may be some vendor-specific differences in the control panels that you will have to deal with. However, I suspect that once you understand the overall concepts, any differences will be fairly easy to overcome.


4 Responses to “Deploying a Silverlight Application”

  1.   Chris Says:

    I’ve been searching the web for quite a while for clear instructions on how to deploy a business application, I was ready to quit when I found your tutorials. Thank you!

  2.   Peter Says:

    Thanks so much for this very useful video it was very helpful!

  3.   Larry A Freyou Says:

    I have a website on DiscountASP and have been wanting to create some SL projects. The current website is VERY simple while I figure out how to deploy my projects. This tutorial will be very useful and I intend to create many websites using the information from your tutorials. Many thanks for making these available, I plan on viewing all your tutorials and applying the information.

    Again, Thanks

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