WP7 – Handling OData Async Callbacks

In the original WP7 Golf Application tutorials (WP7 – Parts 1, 2, and 3), the handling of asynchronous data loading using the DataServicesCollection was not handled very well. In this tutorial, that issue is highlighted and a better solution is provided.

In this tutorial, we take advantage of the ‘LoadCompleted’ event to manage the user interface and enable capabilities when the asynchronous calls to the data service are completed.

If you are working with a remote database and using OData to manage the service calls then you want to check out this tutorial.


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  1.   M Says:

    Mr. Burrows–

    Hmm, colors. Well, anything but black I suppose. Don’t really have a preference. Okay, that’s not true; there are definitely colors, shades, etc. that I like more than others–and some I definitely don’t like. But that’s very subjective. Still, there are certain things–regardless of color–that help any site’s look (IMO).

    For example, a large, legible font size (or at least something’s that’s not microscopic) is good. Also, good contrast between the text and its background–and preferably dark text on light background. Also, I don’t really care for this light colored, grayed-out text that has become somewhat common in the last couple years.

    You have the colors orange, green, and purple (in the text) on your site. I totally like all three colors. It’s just the black background. Well, the font size could be increased too. I know it gets weird with the all the different screen sizes and screen resolutions in use now.

    I use Firefox for my browser and can increase/decrease font size and remove the page colors with my add-on buttons. (Customization and add-ons are why I use Firefox). But these don’t work on Silverlight (at least, not yet).

    I do very much like your site and tutorial videos and totally lurve Silverlight. When SL 3 and 4 finally had enough controls, etc. to build apps a couple years ago, I was psyched about it. Still, I was bummed, then kind of stalled on using it because almost all of the videos, tutorials, examples were in C#. You and Beth have been a couple of the very few consistent ones showing VB. There was another guy at Microsoft (forgot it name now) who used VB, then even he switched to C#!

    But now, it looks like they’re consistently showing most things in both VB and C#. So, I’m back on board. Anyway, thanks again for your site and tutorials.

  2.   Burrows Says:

    Hi M,

    Don’t like the color huh! Well, I’ll give some thought to making a change. I’m doing a new tutorial on LightSwitch right now and when I get it posted, I’ll try some different colors.

    Do you have any websites that look good to you that I might consider emulating?

  3.   Burrows Says:

    Hi M,

    All my videos are available for downloading. In the “Download” section of each video you can download the code and/or the videos.

  4.   M Says:

    Mr. Burrows– Me again. Just saw your comment to the guy on Channel 9 about the video quality on his VS Tools presentation. His rec. was to download the vids. I’ve thought about mentioning that for your videos as well. It would be helpful. Again, thanks for your training videos.

  5.   M Says:

    Mr. Burrows– Have liked your videos on occasion during the last few years. You’re one of the few folks who demonstrate code in VB. Thanks. But for the love of gawd, can you change the colors on your website?! I know that a black background became popular among a few folks about five or so years ago. But many such sites have changed or gone away because they are so awful. Please change it! I (and perhaps others?) would visit it more often. Thanks.

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