In a previous post, I outlined what I plan to do regarding Silverlight 5. As I started working on the material, it became clear to me that I wanted to use the new dbContext class that is now available in Entity Framework 4.1 (and later releases.) However, to use this with the current version of WCF Data Services is not as clean as I like. So I am going to delay the series until things get synched up.

We are at one of those points within the Microsoft “developer stack” where things are in flux and will likely stay that way until VS 2012 (or whatever it will be called) is released. For someone trying to generate tutorial material, creating content that has a shelf life of several months is not desirable.

I will be attending the MVP Summit in late February. While I will not be able to share any NDA information, I will get to meet with many teams at Microsoft and get a better idea on when I can feel comfortable getting content out that will have some longer-term value.


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