WinRT Async Tutorial

WinRT applications, available on both Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems, make extensive use of asynchronous programming concepts. In fact, with WinRT, Microsoft has followed a simple rule: if an API is expected to take more than 50 milliseconds to run, the API is asynchronous. The rationale behind this decision was to make user experience fluid and not hang or block the UI while an operation is being completed.

In this tutorial, we create two simple applications that demonstrate the use of asynchronous programming using direct API calls as well as writing custom methods that are asynchronous.  We discuss the ‘Await” keyword and how it is used. We also demonstrate the concepts of an asynchronous ‘task’ and how we use tasks to implement asynchronous activities.

3 Responses to “WinRT Async Tutorial”

  1.   MikeW - dallas Says:

    Two thumbs up on the new RT videos ! As a long-time windows developer, I am trying to get my head around RT. This helps.


    keep them coming ….

  2.   Burrows Says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks. I’ll be getting more Windows 8 material done soon.

    I use Camtasia Studio 8 from to capture the screen and do the production. I publish the videos with the highest quality they provide. This makes the file sizes larger but I think the quality is more important.


  3.   Larry Goldstein Says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for another delightful tutorial. I am just getting my Win 8 environment set up and can hardly wait to try out the code you supplied with the tutorial. One minor question: I really like the format of the slides you are displaying. What software package are you using to create them. They look quite spiffy!

    Thanks for all your efforts.

    Larry Goldstein

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