WinRT and SQLite Tutorial

Some WinRT applications can benefit from having access to the storage system on the client. While there are useful APIs that access the local file system (under some constraints), sometimes working with a data management system is desirable.

SQLite provides such data management features with a small footprint. With the proper helper tools, access to the data can be handled through Linq and some very useful extensions to SQLite can be used to manage the tables.

This tutorial has two parts. The first part shows you how to set up a Windows Store application with the necessary references to SQLite and some helper methods. While there are some nice blogs available that demonstrate this, the blogs use C# and this tutorial focuses on Visual Basic (there are some differences).

The second part demonstrates the use of a SQLite database. It creates a table, populates the table with some sample data, and then demonstrates a Linq query to access the records in the table.

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    Here is a database compatible with WinRT:

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