Tutorial – Windows 8 for a Windows 7 User

Unlike most of my tutorials, this tutorial is not intended for the developer world. I have been contacted by a number of “normal” people who have been using Windows 7 for some time but are now a bit puzzled by their initial experience with Windows 8. Given the experience of these folks, I decided to put together a short tutorial designed to give some guidance to Windows 7 users who are new to Windows 8. This tutorial focuses on using Windows 8 in a “non-touch” environment such most desktops and many laptops.

In this tutorial, we first focus on the Start Page that is the first page you see after logging into Windows 8. I would guess that this is the most confusing thing that former Windows 7 folks encounter when they move to Windows 8. We talk about organizing the tiles on the Start Page, the “charms”, and changing settings.

The next video focuses on the more familiar desktop. There are some changes here for a Windows 7 user but most Windows 7 folks know what is going on here and wish they had landed here after logging in.

Finally, we look at Windows 8 applications, explain how they differ from traditional desktop applications and explain some of the reasons why Microsoft adopted the Windows 8 application design concepts.

Enjoy … bill

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