Building Win Store 8.1 Apps with VB

This set of tutorials were recorded by the Microsoft Virtual Academy in March 2013. Anthony Green, a Microsoft PM in the Languages Division and I cover a number of topics dealing with building Windows Store 8.1 applications using Visual Basic.

We review the principles relating to “Modern Design” and show how to achieve “fast and fluid” applications using asynchronous programming in Visual Basic. We also cover the project and template structure of a Windows Store project.

We then build a small application that reads and presents data from a WCF Data Service using the AdventureWorks Lite database. We cover state management with a sample application and then apply the concepts to the AdventureWorks example.

The use of local storage options is covered as well as using the SQLite client database. Finally we cover the most commonly used GUI components including App Bars, Flyouts, and Message Dialogs.

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