SBS is just soooooo kewl…

OK – so Stu & I are in Sydney for the latest MS/HP SMB Partner summit. To keep costs down we’re sharing a room (separate beds – c’mon now, cut it out!!).

There’s only 1 Internet connection in the room. I decided to bring a spare Cisco PIX 501 with me so we could share the link, but alas it wouldn’t work for some reason due to the way they set these things up.

We tried using ICS with my notebook plugged into the ‘net and our notebooks “talking” over the wiresless cards but that was a problem too – with the XP SP2 firewall running.

So, hmmm, I realised I had a SBS server in Virtual PC on my notebook. Fired it up, made the wireless NIC the internal card and Stu’s notebook became a DHCP client on the inside of the SBS. Got him connected and configured through ISA (it’s an SBS Premium server I carry around) and voila – he’s connected.

The speed is pretty cool too – so I’m also updating the SUS image I’ve got on the SBS. We were so impressed we called Wayne whilst he was ploughing through 2 years of inventory reports (that’s another story completely) and told him to cheer him up.

So – even in a hotel room with a couple of notebooks, SBS provides an ideal solution. In reality it’s a 1 user SBS network – now there’s proof that SBS suits even the smallest network!!

And Harry Potter said…

Anyone who’s spent time around the SBS community will most certainly have heard the name Susan Bradley, and if you subscribe to her blog RSS feeds, and read them, you’ll have read multiple posts about the SBS wizards and why you should use them (try , , ).

“The Diva” tells us to use the wizards – in a non-too delicate manner – because it’s that important, and really that simple. And I support her (& the wizards) 100%. Even outside of “blog land” the SBS message is to use the wiazrds. So why is it that I visit a site today and find a “techie” trying to hand-tune the Internet connection in an SBS2003 server, just to get RWW working?!?!?! Lucky I didn’t have Susan’s 2×4 handy.

No I’m not paid by Susan, but she’s got a strong virtual voice in the SBS community so I’m leveraging it. I can just hear it now…“excuse me people, why are you not using the wizards to do that? <big swig of Moutain Dew> Do you realise the SBS development team worked real hard for us, so we can work that little bit easier and just make this stuff work?“ I’m sure if you’ve met Susan you can hear it too – and see the hands waving around 😉

So, I told the techie to STOP what he was doing in the IIS and ISA consoles and run the darn wizard. Sure enough, after he’d spent who-knows-how-long fiddling with the server and just ran the wizard it all started working.

Please please please – don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The wizards are there for a reason, USE THEM!!! Don’t make life hard for yourself, your client or anyone who needs to touch the server after you’ve moved on.

Spend a little time playing Harry Potter (or Hermione for that matter) and make some magic.

Rant over – resuming normal transmission