The roadshow is over…

Last day of the MS/HP/Trend Micro SMB Partner Summit today. I’m sitting in the exhibition area looking at all the tired faces around me – it’s been a long 5 weeks but certainly worthwhile.

Firstly, David Allinson (MS Australia SBS & Windows Server product manager) needs to be congratulated for having the intestinal fortitude to pull this off – it was a step into the unknown to conduct this roadshow, as it’s not been attempted before.

Also, it was a big gamble for him to bring Jeff “Swing IT!!” Middleton out here, all the way from New Orleans (or “Noo Orlins” as he pronounces it) for 5 weeks. Let me correct that slightly – it wasn’t a gamble bringing Jeff out as such, rather it was a gamble to bring out anyone from so far away, for so long, to an event that didn’t have any track record to back it up. I guess it’s testimony to this amazing SBS community we have around the world that made it an uncertain certainty of being successful (if that makes sense!).

Jeff did a great job of mixing in with the resellers at each event, and has managed to adopt some of our language colloquialisms and pronounce numerous words with the correct Australian accent. This helped to endear him more with the people he met – we all now realise that Superman does have a mild-mannered alter-ego (

All presentations have been well attended and received. The feedback has been great and we’re looking forward to working on the next event – whenever and wherever it may occur.

And on the event management front – the girls from The Forum Group have been fantastic. Always smiling, patient, able to solve any problems thrown at them with extreme professionalism, and powering on even when the tiredness would take down lesser mortals. Well done girls – and thanks for the fashion tips!!

So, as we close the curtains on this roadshow what can we take forward? There’s always more to learn, no matter how much you already know. There are a lot of SBS fans out there who are hungry for more information and amazingly didn’t yet know of the user groups around the place – keep your eyes on for more information as it comes available. There’s so much more but I’ll need to stop now as the tables are being packed away.

Thanks to all who attended – be it physically or virtually. We look forward to seeing you again.

SBS Rocks!

Adelaide SBS User Group met last Monday…

We had Michael Kleef (Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist) pay us a visit and present ISA 2004. We had a great turnout of around 15 – not sure if it was Michael or the pizza that brought them in though!

Our numbers have grown again since the MS/HP/Trend Micro SMB Partner Summit presentations touring the country hit Adelaide. In fact we’ve seen great response from MS partners in each of the cities which is fantastic. I think this calls for another blog entry – stay tuned.

Back to the user group meeting – Michael showed us the new face of ISA Server, highlighting it’s “secure by default“ design which prevents any traffic from flowing through the firewall until it’s setup to allow it. The presentation deck will be available for download from the meeting page of as soon as I get it posted up (just have to find that USB key…).

We also saw the template based configuration available with ISA where we even get little pictures showing us what the configuration will look like. I’m sure Dr Tom’s site has plenty of documentation on this available – check it out.

We finished off with loads of pizza (thanks to Dave Allinson from Microsoft for providing this) and a play of Halo2 on the X-Box where Michael well and truly kicked my butt! Fortunately I have no misconceptions about how terrible I am at the game so losing wasn’t a real problem though I must admit I let out a few cheers when I knocked him off a couple of times.

We won’t be holding a meeting in December, there just aren’t enough days left, so January is the next get together. Looks like Monday the 24th will be the date – mark it in your diary and RSVP your intention to attend to Keep an eye on for location details too.

I’ll see if I can get Peter from SDM to stop in Adelaide long enough to show us CRM in action. Just in case though please let me know if you’ve got any requests for what to look at.