Web site maintenance

Just in case you get to wondering where the web site for www.sbsusers.net gets to – over the next few nights I plan to perform a major overhaul of the site. In fact the entire server is going to be rebuilt.

So, if you go looking for it, don’t panic, it’s just having some surgery.

Why? Well, I want to make the site more manageable, easier to update and able to provide more dynamic content.

The content currently there will be copied over to the new server

September SBS User Group meeting

We’re meeting again on Monday night (Sept 19th), 6:30pm at HP’s Adelaide office – 148 Frome Street, Adelaide. Free parking is available in the street. HP will once again be feeding us so bring your appetite.

Not sure yet what the topic will be so if you’ve any suggestions please let me know. I’ll more than likely cover SMB Nation though which was a great event and well worth attending. Make sure you book it into your diary for 2006, Sept 8-10 in Redmond, Washington.

If you’re planning on attending the meeting on Monday please RSVP to admin@sbsusers.net so we know how many to feed.

How many emails have you sent?


Got a call from a client earlier today a bit concerned about the number of email messages she’s apparently sent over the last 2 weeks. The server usage report her SBS2003 server kindly sends to her was indicating she’d sent some 900 email messages, which she felt was a bit too high – several magnitudes of order too high (she’s obviously not an MVP!!)


I’d seen something like this before on my own SBS2003 server so wasn’t hugely concerned, but couldn’t remember the exact cause of this (still battling jetlag following returning from SMB Nation in Redmond over the weekend – but that’s another post…)


Super SBS-MVP Merv Porter put my mind at rest by pointing me to a kb article with the details of this problem (see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;867457) – thanks Merv.


And the fix? SBS2003 SP1 is the trick, however this isn’t a trivial installation so just hold on there a second or 3.


Take some time to delve into all the SP1 information available in the community. Start by visiting http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/sbs/downloads/sp1/default.mspx then hop on over to www.smallbizserver.net. I recently presented at TechEd Australia on SBS2003 SP1, and have also presented on this at our local SBS user group meeting – but this is taking me off topic (I think an SP1 post is due – stay tuned).


So, if your server is telling you that you’ve been sending just a few too many emails over the last 2 weeks, it could just be a little bug in the system – and not the kind that you need to swat. Don’t panic.