Packing the podcast

I’m just packing my bag for the brief trip to Perth tomorrow for the first leg of the Microsoft for Partners Roadshow.

Toothbrush – check

Shirts – check

Socks – check

Podcasts – check

Shaver – check

“What???” I hear you ask? “Podcasts?” Why yes, of course. Time in the air, or waiting for a flight, or sitting in a taxi is a great time to catch up on the SBS podcasts. With my little trusty Creative Labs MP3 player and Sennheiser PCX-250 noise cancelling headphones I’m all set.

Check out the podcasts. The latest installment from Vlad Mazek, Chris Rue & Susanne Dansey is available at and you can get the podcasts from the Official SBS Support group at

I figure I’ve got the flight covered at least, plus some taxi time. Much more workable than trying to open my notebook in the confined spaces of the 737 I’ll be on tomorrow.

And for when the gizmos need to be turned off, I’ve got my latest book to read – more on that later.