SBS2003 SP1 was successful – ultimately

The days between Christmas and new year were going to be the days I caught up with a heap of things in the office that had not received the attention they deserved through the rest of the year. Instead I was busy by a few clients that simply refused to take some time off 🙂

Anyway, I did manage to get SP1 finally applied to our own server, in readiness for CRM 3.0 (see previous post). Overall the installation when fine, apart from the ISA2004 upgrade. Now don’t get me wrong, our SBS2003 server is not overly customised – we built our own server the same way we build them for our clients. Makes it easier to support overall.

So each time I went to install ISA2004 as an upgrade from ISA2000 it would complain and roll back the installation. I ended up manually uninstalling ISA2000 (remembering to export the self-signed certificates first) but still had problems. Evertime I went tp stop the IISADMIN service and its dependant services it would start up again.

To make a long story short, I had to change the recovery settings for the service. It was set to restart on first & second failures and on subsequent failures to run “iisreset”. I changed all of these to “no action” and tried again – this time I was successful. (I remembered to set the recovery options back afterward).

So if you’re rolling out SBS2003 SP1, or even just upgrading ISA2000 to ISA2004, watch for the service recovery options on IISADMIN. Hopefully this will serve to save you a little grief.

What’s your DRP?

Our office was broken into a week before Christmas 🙁 As it turned out we didn’t have anything stolen ourselves although other tenants did. There was damage to one of the doors though, but the most important thing is it got me seriously thinking about our disaster recovery plan (DRP).

The phone call I got from one of the other tenants was along the lines of “lots of stuff has been taken – laptops and more. They’ve been right through the office. You’d better get here quickly.” This was around 8am on a Saturday morning too.

The drive down to the office was, to say the least, one of major contemplation. I had no idea of what had really been taken or how extensive the damage was. Was my server gone? My Internet router? The main admin machine or sales machine? What about the printers and other peripherals? What was my strategy to recover if the worse had eventuated?

Well the good news is as I mentioned at the top – nothing had been removed from my office. But it certainly got me thinking more about what we really would do if things were removed from the office.

Fast forward a little – I spent quite some time from Christmas day (!!) to last Monday (Jan 2) digging up old clay pipes in the back yard and replacing them with PVC piping. Whilst working I was listening to the SBS Show ( and lo-and-behold episodes 3 & 4 are about disaster recovery!! How very timely 😀 (In fact, I was also thinking our our home DRP in the event I couldn’t get the pipes replaced properly or in time for the next flush!! I was successful in getting everything sorted out though)

So, this is where you’ve got to look for the silver lining – the break in got me thinking seriously about improving our DRP which will be MUCH MUCH better from here on. Save yourself from the anquish I went through and get started on improving your DRP now before it’s too late. As I get things sorted out I’ll have to make sure I let you know. I’d be keen to hear about your own experiences too.

Oh yes, the police called me the next morning to let me know they’d caught the guy that broke in – 30yo heroin addict!

It is alive!!!

Woo hoo, I’ve just successfully installed CRM 3.0 onto our office SBS2003 server. After nutting out a few installation issues I managed to get it installed using, of course, the SBS installation method (was around 9-10 clicks after all the other fiddly bits).

Now I need to set about configuring the finer details, learning how to use it and then show the rest of the team how to use it. I’m hoping to have it fully operational for February 1 in the office. Guess it’s time I go visit a few MS CRM sites ( for one – thanks Guy Riddle) and read the manual which I’d printed out just prior to Christmas.

So, this is a defining moment for Calvert Technologies – the beginning of a new phase in our development & growth. I’m excited about how this will help us share information between each other rather than be islands of information (we’re not quite at that point though – I’m hoping to prevent this occurring).

Here’s to a very exciting 2006.

{now, where’s that Anne Stanton when you need her…..}