Is your SWING not being TRUSTED?

We all know that SBS cannot have a trust relationship with another domain – that’s a given. But SBS sometimes doesn’t seem to know this.

We encountered this just now in performing a swing migration for a client.

The FSMO roles had been seized over and all was looking fine, afterall we’ve done plenty of swing migrations.

Anyway upon kicking off the SBS setup process we got an error message telling us we had a trust relationship that this was a show stopper.

We double checked the FSMO role assignments, ensured there were no phantom domain controllers or other funny things lurking around. A restart didn’t yield any improvement either so it was off to search the ‘net for an answer (since Jeff seemed to be sleeping too).

I found a newsgroup thread where someone else had received a similar message and had resorted to calling Microsoft PSS. I figured it was worth a try giving his posted solution a go.

So if you encounter this error here’s what you do:

Click Start/Run and enter %temp% then hit OK. This opens up the temporary files folder for the account. In there you’ll most likely find a folder called something like “SIT17477.tmp”. In there is a file called SETUP.SDB.

Edit this file in notepad and look for the line that under the [GUID to Friendly Name Mapping] section that ends with “TrustCheck”.

Delete this line and save the file.

If you have any other SITXXXXX temp folders remove them to be safe then re-run the SBS setup process.

When we did this the process ran fine.

I’m not sure what caused this to be borked up – I guess if someone knows they’ll post a comment back but for now we’ll keep swinging with this server and get another happy customer.

BTW – please don’t try this “hack” to get around the ‘no domain trust’ block in SBS. This is only for the setup process and there’s no telling what mess you’ll be in if you try to do things outside the way SBS is supposed to operate.

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