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Small Business Server 2008 World Wide Community Survey

Passing on an email from Kevin Beares … Microsoft community leader extraordinaire

The Windows Small Business Server 2008 WW Community Survey is live

This is the third year we have published an SBS WW Community Survey to the SBS Community. 

We have learned an amazing amount of information from the people who have taken the time to tell us what they thought. Some things we kind of knew already, but other things were not as clear before we had received the feedback.

Because of the previous surveys, we have made some adjustments in our community engagement. To name a few; we really worked on putting more focus on the Official SBS Blog. Our Sustaining Engineering team runs mini betas with our MVPs before KB’s and Bug Fixes are released via Windows Update. We try to get more involvement in our techbetas from our User Groups. The list does go on.

To the survey, the SBS Product Team would like to hear from the Windows SBS Community again. This survey is completely anonymous. In fact, some of you may have to sign out from Live in order to take the survey. So, if you get a PAGE NOT FOUND error message, please log out of Live and click on the link to the survey again.

We want to know how valuable your experience is with the community resources and information that is available to you today as a member of the Windows SBS Community. We also want to know what you think could be done to improve your Windows SBS Community Experience. Please take a couple of minutes to provide us your candid feedback via this survey and let us know what you think.


SBS WW Community Survey 2008


Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Kevin Beares

Community Lead – WSSG


Going to meet with Trend Micro next week

This is a copy of an email I sent to the Adelaide SBS User Group a few minutes ago and consider this worthwhile posting to the wider world.


“I’ve got a meeting with Trend Micro next week with one of the top people in the company who’s travelling out from the USA to meet with me and a few others to discuss Trend and the IT community moving forward. This will not be a technical discussion – it’s going to be more strategic.


So, I’d like some feedback to take with me to the meeting. Those of you currently using Trend products, can you please provide me with some feedback (offlist if you think it’s sensitive) about your working relationship with Trend. Some things to consider are:


·         Are Trend an important partner for your business and your customers?

·         How easy do you find it to get answers to questions you have for them?

·         Comments on the Trend web site – the good, bad and ugly

·         Do you use the partner portal and do you have comments on its usability, information etc

·         Anything else of relevance – remember this is not a technical discussion so it can’t be along the lines of “I’ve got this issue with CSM at a site where…..”


For those of you not using Trend products I guess it would be interesting to know why not and who you do work with – why you use other products and what are the great points about these products/companies that have got you using them.


I’m not a Trend evangelist by any means – I’m simply looking for feedback. We use Trend products (I make no secret of that) and we have our reasons for this as a company. Personally I’ve no issue with anyone not using Trend product but am seeking great feedback to take to Trend which will make working with them, and protecting the networks we maintain, better for the future.


My meeting is next Friday (May 16) so if you can please get me any feedback by midday Thursday next week that’d be great. I’m happy to keep your comments confidential too if you want that.”


So please let me know what you’d like Trend to hear. I can be reached at dean[cut this bit out] at calvert DOT net DOT au


SBS Technical Training now in Canberra

Nick’s just blogged this:

This follows on from my last post about the training for SBSers. If you’re in Canberra please take advantage of this offer.

It’s a simple matter of economics that if Microsoft can see the numbers in Canberra for these events then they’ll continue to offer them there. If attendance is routinely low (and this is really for any place an event is run) then they won’t be offered there in the future.

So – support yourself and your local community by attending these events and reap the rewards.

Calling all network manager type people

Put this onto your radar:

Had a meeting with some bodies here at the MS Australian partner conference just a while ago, in particular the lovely Frederique Dennison (Product Marketing Manager, Secfurity and Management) where we were discussing network management tools and processes.

Microsoft is certainly ramping things up for the SME end of town and if you work in this space then you need to start getting familiar with System Center Essentials (SCE) before the guy up the road does. It’s going to change the way networks are maintained moving forward – making things easier, more visible, more pro-active rather than reactive (aka waiting for the phone to ring).

You can download a VHD of SCE to play with so you’re not installing it into your production environment to begin with, and being a virtual machine you could even play with it whilst flying home from the conference [8-|]

Hint: SCE is part of the wave hitting a network near you next year (, so get your board waxed and ready ahead of time.


Adelaide SBS User Group Meeting – October

Don't forget next Monday night, October 23, is the next meeting for the Adelaide SBS group.

We'll be at Ingram Micro again (our new home for now) which is level 2, 208 Greenhill Rd, Eastwood.

Park across the road on the north side of Greenhill Rd as the undercover carpark is known to 'eat' cars.

We kick off at 6:30 but come from just after 6pm for pizza & drinks. Not 100% what the topic will be yet but it will be worth your time.

As always entry is free unless you really feel like paying [:D]. If you are planning on attending please RSVP to info {at} sbsusers {dot} net.

Make sure you're there for the November meeting announcement – something special has been arranged…..

Don’t be #801

SMB Nation 2006 is open for registration. This is THE premier event for SME consultants/VARs/VAPs/resellers and you need to do all you can to be there. The conference will once again be held at Microsoft’s Conference Centre in Redmond, Washington.

There are only 800 places available so don’t delay getting your registration in – you don’t want to miss out by being number 801 to register. There’s an early-bird special until the end of March where the registration cost is only US$695, following which it’ll go up to US$795. That US$100 saving can be applied to your drinking money in the bar at the Marriot in Redmond [:D]

There’s an impressive list of speakers for this year’s conference ( so you’re sure to learn plenty regardless of which track you follow (technical, business, product/sales). I’ll be speaking in the business track again and plan to get into more advanced business growth information – taking your business to the next level. If you’re coming along and would like some specific information included then please let me know and I’ll see if I can work it into the time available for the presentation.

Of course I think the best part of attending an event like SMB Nation is the ability to network with fellow SBSers from around the world. People with whom I communicate with by email or IM and it’s great to put a face to a name or catch up with a face I’ve met before.

So what are you waiting for? Get your registration in and join in the learning, fun & friendship. Hope to see you there 🙂

Feb user group slides are up

We had a great meeting last Monday night (Feb 20), being our first SBS user group meeting for 2006. The topic was ISA2004, particularly with regard to its place in SBS.

Now I’m not going to profess to be an expert in ISA – there are plenty of others around that leave me for dead, but I certainly did learn a lot more in preparation for this meeting. I should point out that prior to any UG meeting presentation I make sure I research the topic that will be presented as well as I can in the time available to me. In this way I can provide a quality presentation with relevant and accurate information plus hopefully answer any questions that come up.

Congratulations go to Paul Cumberworth who was the only attendee able to list the 7 layers of the OSI model for networking. He won a Microsoft 64Mb USB stick for that effort – well done Paul 🙂 (Refer to for an overview).

The slide deck has been posted to the UG web site ( so you can download it from there although the slides really only have the bullet points of what we covered. There were plenty of demonstrations using a real live virtual SBS server I carry around with me – better make sure you come to the next meeting then!! The slide deck also has some ISA references near the end so make sure you refer to those too for more in depth information.

For the record I relied not only on my own experience with ISA for the presentaiton but also refered to Eriq Neale’s “SBS2003 Unleashed” together with Dr Tom Shinder’s ISA2004 book. Great additions to your library.

Next meeting is March 20 at HP (148 Frome Street, Adelaide). Looking for ideas for the meeting presentation – what do you want to see?

Web site maintenance

Just in case you get to wondering where the web site for gets to – over the next few nights I plan to perform a major overhaul of the site. In fact the entire server is going to be rebuilt.

So, if you go looking for it, don’t panic, it’s just having some surgery.

Why? Well, I want to make the site more manageable, easier to update and able to provide more dynamic content.

The content currently there will be copied over to the new server

September SBS User Group meeting

We’re meeting again on Monday night (Sept 19th), 6:30pm at HP’s Adelaide office – 148 Frome Street, Adelaide. Free parking is available in the street. HP will once again be feeding us so bring your appetite.

Not sure yet what the topic will be so if you’ve any suggestions please let me know. I’ll more than likely cover SMB Nation though which was a great event and well worth attending. Make sure you book it into your diary for 2006, Sept 8-10 in Redmond, Washington.

If you’re planning on attending the meeting on Monday please RSVP to so we know how many to feed.

June SBS user group announcement

June meeting is next Monday (June 20) at 6:30pm. HP are hosting us again – 148 Frome Street, Adelaide (cnr Frome & Flinders Sts).

Parking is available in Frome Street & Flinders Street and is free by this time of day.

My plan is to present on rootkits. Keen to hear back any “war stories” on SBS SP1 deployments too.

HP will be providing pizza again – I’ll stick with the toppings from last month unless you’ve got other requests.

Please RSVP your intention to attend so I can arrange enough for all – & feel free to pass this invitation on to any other contacts you may have that might be interested in attending.