Microsoft fixing problem of grayscale disabled picture of add-in commands in VS 2010

The problem that always existed in Visual Studio with the generated grayscale picture for a disabled command of an add-in (or CommandBarButton without a command) is going to be fixed in Visual Studio 2010, according to the tests that I have done. That is, an add-in with a command that provides a 24-bit bitmap in a satellite dll with RGB=0,254,0 as background color (the old way compatible with VS 2005 / 2008) now shows a crisp and defined disabled picture if the command is disabled. Notice that providing a 32-bit bitmap with built-in transparency (the new way introduced in VS 2010) is not required to get this “fix”, it is something that Microsoft has fixed internally even for 24-bit bitmaps in the new WPF-based commandbars of VS 2010.

I have been unable to test if the same applies to CommandBarButtons whose picture is provided through the Picture property (without a command) but I think it will be fixed too.