a.k.a. – the migration planning stage 

You’ll note that the key word above is migration.  If you remember from the Microsoft document here, on SBS you’re going to do a parallel installation of Sharepoint v3, so that you’ll have both Sharepoint v2 and v3 installed.  And since we’re going to be migrating to a new site, we need to figure out what we’re going to move, and how we’re going to move it.

The first step to planning your migration is taking inventory of your current companyweb site.  What type of data is housed there?  If you’re storing files in your document libraries, have you added new columns to track metadata on the documents?  Are you keeping version histories on your documents?  If so, will you need access to those version histories after the migration?  What about custom lists?  Also, do any of your document libraries or lists have lookup fields referring to other lists on your site?  Besides the data itself, what about how the data is presented.  Do you have any 3rd party web parts you’re using?  Have you created any custom web-part pages to display your data?

It’s no surprise that if you’re using any 3rd party web parts in your WSS v2 site, you’ll want to check with the publisher to see if those web parts are compatible with WSS v3.

Next, you need to look at what tools you’re going to use to migrate your data from the old site to the new.  We can use Windows Explorer to move contents of our libraries (documents, photos, etc.).  But what about your lists?  Microsoft Access to the rescue!  You’ll need at least Access 2003 (but 2007 is preferred).  Both Access 2003 and 2007 an open Sharepoint lists so that they appear as an Access table.  If you have Access 2003, you’ll have to create your lists in your new site manually, then build an append query in Access to copy your list contents from your original companyweb site to the new WSS v3 site.   However, if you have Access 2007 you can take advantage of it’s Export to Sharepoint functionality.  Just open your original companyweb list in Access 2007, click on the Export to Sharepoint button (under the External Data ribbon), enter the URL of your new site and Access will create the list with the appropriate fields in your new WSS v3 site and copy the list contents over.

(Edit – Nick ever so graciously gave me a virtual smack up-side the head and mentioned SharePoint Designer 2007 (formerly FrontPage) for use in migrating your data.  DOH! talk about missing the obvious . . .  I’m going to blame it on sleep deprivation.  Anyway – if you have access to SharePoint Designer 2007 it has some very cool features to help with moving your lists & libraries) 

Finally, you need to be aware of what steps you’re going to have to complete manually on the new site – which is basically everything outside of moving your content.  You’ll need to recreate your permissions (adding users to the site, editing list / library permissions if you had done so on your original companyweb, etc.).  You’ll need to recreate any custom views you had created for your lists & libraries, and if you had any custom web part pages, you’ll need to verify those work as intended (especially if you had data view web parts linked together for filtering data).