WSS 3.0 Server Admin Templates

Ok SharePoint junkies . . .    the new Server Admin Templates for WSS 3.0 are now available for download on the Microsoft site here.  The new Server Admin Templates include:

*  Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management

*  Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects

*  Bug Database

*  Call Center

*  Change Request Management

*  Compliance Process Support Site

*  Contacts Management

*  Document Library and Review

*  Event Planning

*  Expense Reimbursement & Approval

*  Help Desk

*  Inventory Tracking

*  IT Team Workspace

*  Job Requisition and Interview Management

*  Knowledge Base

*  Lending Library

*  Physical Asset Tracking and Management

*  Project Tracking Workspace

*  Room and Equipment Reservations

*  Sales Lead Pipeline

And if you don’t want to go through the process of downloading each one of these – have no fear, my demo site (which has been offline for a while) is about to reappear with all of the WSS v3 templates loaded for you to explore 

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