Saving me from myself…

So I just had an e-mail come through from twitter telling me that I had a new follower – unfortunately, it appears to be a twitter bot (you know, the personal picture of a scantily-clad blonde, who is following 1300 people, but has zero tweets & zero followers?).  So I decided to log on to twitter’s website and clean up my followers since I was pretty sure there were one or two others that had started following me this week.  As I was waiting for the page to load, I received an interesting pop-up:


I’m running Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Business Security 6.0 on my SBS 2008 network, and it blocked my access.  I found this rather interesting, because I know that I only have Trend doing basic web-filtering (e.g. only blocking known malicious sites).  I moved the pop-up window out of the way so I could see the page in the browser – which also showed the content was blocked:


However, the Page Blocked message in the browser helped me realize what happened – what I didn’t pick up from the pop-up window.  I had completely fat-fingered the URL and misspelled the domain name, only including 1 “t” in twitter instead of 2.  And obviously, this site must have some malicious content.  So a big kudos to Trend’s WFBS for protecting yet another user from themselves  smile_regular

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